Appleby Cemetery

NE Lot 6, Concession 3 SDS (South of Dundas Street), Nelson Township.
Appleby Line, Burlington.
GPS 43.37822°N, –79.76926°W

History: Land for the Appleby church and cemetery was obtained from David Alton. On 24 January 1847 a new brick church was dedicated at this location. This replaced the frame church beside Mount Vernon Cemetery that had served the Wesleyan Methodists of the area and had been known as Van Norman’s church. The Appleby church was torn down in 1906.

The entrance to the cemetery has two gate posts. The south post reads: “The pioneer families of this district are interred here and in the earlier Mount Vernon Cemetery which lies a third mile to the east.” The north post says: “Est. 1861”. The first burial was supposed to be that of Benjamin Matthewman in 1847, although there is no stone to support that story. The earliest burials recorded are in the 1860s which support the date on the entrance post. The cemetery was operated by the Appleby Cemetery Board which was formed in 1905. In 1983 the administration was turned over to the City of Burlington. This cemetery is in good condition and well maintained. [by Janet McKay and Jane Watt]

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