Index to Cemeteries

The Ontario Genealogical Society and the Halton-Peel Branch have identified over 210 cemeteries in the Regions of Halton and Peel. These cemeteries are listed below by historic township.

The Cemetery Lists below also indicate if a transcription exists for that cemetery and if the available headstones have been photographed and are published on Canadian Headstones.
Note that not all transcription entries will have a Canadian Headstones photograph since some stones transcribed in the 1970s or earlier can no longer be found.

The physical address and a satellite map for each cemetery is available either via the Halton-Peel Index below or from the OGS Cemeteries index.

Cemetery Lists

ESQUESING TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Acton Pioneer 2260 ES03
Ashgrove United 2267 ES09
Barnes Humberstone Pioneer Cemetery 8466 ES32
Boston Presbyterian 2268 ES06
Brown Family Farm 5825 ES19
Brownridge Family Farm 5828 ES29
Churchill 2269 ES05
Dublin Roman Catholic 2270 ES01
Eighth Line / Hornby Wesleyan Methodist 2271 ES15
Fairview Cemetery 2272 ES02
Georgetown Methodist/Episcopal 7111 ES18
Georgetown Wesleyan Methodist 2277 ES11
Glen Williams 2273 ES21
Greenwood, Georgetown 2286 ES16
Hillcrest 2274 ES24
Holy Redeemer/Devereaux 10096 ES31
Hornby Presbyterian 2275 ES20
Limehouse Presbyterian 2276 ES08
Mansewood United Presbyterian 2284 ES04
McNabb Pioneer 2278 ES25
McPherson Family Farm 5824 ES14
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Methodist 2280 ES13
Neilson Family Farm 5826 ES26
Old Kirk 2279 ES10
Pickard Family Farm (Wilson) 5827 ES28
St. George's Anglican 2288 ES17
St. John's Anglican Stewarttown 2281 ES12
St. Paul's Anglican 2282 ES23
Stephen's Family Farm 8514 ES27
Union Presbyterian 2283 ES22
Worden (Bannockburn) 2285 ES07
NASSAGAWEYA TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Campbellville Burying Ground 2293 NA03
Cove Chapel 2294 NA05
Ebenezer United Church 2295 NA07
Hopkinson's Corners Pioneer 2296 NA09
Johnson Family 5830 NA10
Kean Family Farm 5829 NA08
Lapps 2297 NA11
Moffat United 2298 NA01
Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church 2299 NA02
St. David's Presbyterian Church 2300 NA06
St. John's Anglican Church 2301 NA04
NELSON TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Appleby Pioneer 2303 NE06
Bayview 5779 NE21
Bethel Chapel Methodist Church 2304 NE15
Bradt Family Farm 5777 NE20
Burlington Memorial Gardens 8515 NE30
Campbell-Davidson Pioneer 2305 NE07
Colling Pioneer‎ 5776 NE19
Deforest Pioneer 2308 NE16
East Plains United Church & Cemetery‎ 5778 NE23
Greenwood 2306 NE11
Kilbride Presbyterian 2309 NE14
Kilbride United Pioneer 2310 NE13
Lowville United 2307 NE17
Motherhouse of the School Sisters of Notre Dame 7114 NE31
Mount Vernon 2313 NE08
Nelson United Church 2314 NE01
Salem United 2315 NE18
Shireman's Burying Grounds 2311 NE12
St. George's Anglican Church 2316 NE05
St. John's Anglican Church 2317 NE09
St. Luke's Anglican Church 2265 NE02
St. Matthew's Anglican Church 5781 NE22
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 2009 NE03
Tansley Pioneer 2312 NE10
Union Burying Ground (Job's Lane Cemetery) 2319 NE04
Wellington Square U.C. Memorial Gardens 2202 NE29
TRAFALGAR TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Bethel United Church 2324 TR05
Bloomfield Church 2325 TR04
Bowes United Church 2326 TR16
Bronte 2263 TR01
Bronte Pioneer (Milton Pioneer) 2291 TR03
Cox Estate (Wedgewood) 2327 TR02
Glen Oaks Memorial Gardens 2318 TR21
Kindree Family Farm 7100 TR23
Knox Sixteen Presbyterian 2328 TR13
Marlatt Family Farm 2338 TR24
Merton Mount Pleasant 2329 TR07
Milton Evergreen 2290 TR18
Munn's United Church 2330 TR11
Oakville Town (including St. Mary's Roman Catholic) 2321 TR09
Omagh Church of Christ 2331 TR15
Omagh Presbyterian 2332 TR19
Palermo United Church 2333 TR12
St. Andrew Roman Catholic 2322 TR08
St. Jude's 2334 TR17
St. Jude's Memorial Garden 8721 TR28
St. Luke's Anglican Church 2335 TR10
St. Peter's Roman Catholic 2336 TR14
St. Stephen's Anglican Church 2337 TR06
St. Volodymyr Ukranian 8467 TR26
Trafalgar Lawn 5783 TR20
ALBION TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Albion Congregational Church 8517 AL25
Albion Presbyterian 2342 AL12
Beetham Family Farm 4996 AL24
Bolton Anglican & Methodist 2357 AL14
Castlederg Wesleyan Methodist 4997 AL18
Centreville Primitive Methodist Church 5462 AL10
Columbia Primitive Methodist 4994 AL11
Crawford Wesleyan Methodist 2343 AL19
Godbolt Primitive Methodist 2340 AL07
Kearn's Anglican 2341 AL08
Kidd Vault 4990 AL03
Laurel Hill 2344 AL17
Monkman's Primitive Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist 2348 AL09
Morningside (Palgrave) 8408 AL20
Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Methodist 4998 AL02
Mount Wolfe Primitive Methodist 4992 AL01
Palgrave United Church 2349 AL04
Plummer Family Farm 7102 AL26
Providence Primitive Methodist 2350 AL16
Rawn Family Farm 8516 AL23
Salem United Primitive Methodist 2351 AL13
Shiloh Wesleyan Methodist 4988 AL06
St. Alban's Anglican Church 2352 AL05
St. James Anglican Church 2353 AL15
St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic 2354 AL21
Wakely Family Farm 4991 AL27
Wilson Family Farm 5841 AL22
CALEDON TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Alton Wesleyan Methodist 2364 CA09
Barber Family Farm 5000 CA10
Blair - Belfountain 2365 CA11
Brown's Wesleyan Methodist 2366 CA02
Caledon East Public 5816 CA01
Chambers Family Farm 5843 CA13
Greenlaw (Baker's) 2367 CA12
Harris Family (Devil's Pulpit) 5839 CA15
Knox United Church (Caledon Wesleyan Methodist and Presbyterian) 4999 CA05
McDonald Family Farm 5842 CA14
Melville United Church 2369 CA08
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church 2370 CA04
St. Cornelius Roman Catholic 2371 CA06
St. George's Anglican Church 2363 CA07
St. Jude's Anglican 5001 CA03
CHINGUACOUSY TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Air Canada Crash Site Memorial 8841 CH29
Alloa Methodist 5004 CH07
Boston Mills 5005 CH10
Brampton 5919 CH16
Brampton Memorial Gardens 2157 CH24
Brampton Pioneer 2360 CH04
Caesar's Wesleyan Methodist 2375 CH11
Cheltenham 2376 CH14
Dixon's Union 2378 CH15
Eventide (Peel County Manor) 2379 CH25
Ferguson Family Farm 5009 CH26
Grahamsville Wesleyan Methodist 2386 CH01
Harrison's United Wesleyan Methodist 2381 CH12
Huttonville (Fourth Line) 2380 CH02
Lundy Family Burying Ground 2382 CH19
Mayfield United Church 2383 CH09
McNichol's 2384 CH20
Mount Olivet 2385 CH03
Mount Zion Methodist Church (Whaley's Corners) 2389 CH08
Norris Family Farm 2377 CH27
Old Zion (Bertram's) 2374 CH22
Page's Methodist Episcopal Church 2387 CH13
Snelgrove Wesleyan Methodist (Ebenezer Baptist) 2390 CH06
Snell's Wesleyan Methodist 2373 CH23
Snyder's Methodist 5006 CH17
St. Elias Ukrainian Catholic 8518 CH28
St. John's (Edmonton) Anglican 5008 CH18
St. Mary's Anglican 2388 CH05
St. Mary's Roman Catholic 2361 CH21
TORONTO GORE TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Baldwin's 5823 TG07
Ebenezer United Church Cemetery 2426 TG01
Harrison Family Farm 3445 TG09
Hilltop Gore Cemetery 2428 TG06
Shiloh Primitive Methodist Cemetery 2429 TG04
St. James Anglican Church (Grahamsville) 6490 TG08
St. John's Anglican Cemetery 2430 TG02
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic (Wildfield) 2431 TG05
Woodhill (Providence Primitive Methodist) 2425 TG03
TORONTO TWP OGS # H-P # Transcript Canadian Headstones TONI
Bethany United Church 2401 TO16
Britannia United Church 2402 TO10
Burnhamthorpe Primitive Methodist 2403 TO11
Canadian Korean War Memorial 8430 TO32a
Carefoot 2404 TO27
Cheyne Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 2400 TO05
Churchville 2405 TO01
Cosmopolitan Burying Ground 2406 TO25
Credit Indian Village 8470 TO35
Derry West 2407 TO02
Dixie Union 2408 TO23 (partial)
Eden United Church (Switzers) 2409 TO04
Elmbank /Fifth Line Roman Catholic 2411 TO29
Felician Sisters 2410 TO28
Graham Family 8469 TO34
Grahamsville United Church 2412 TO15
Grogan Family Farm 9012 TO36
King's (Mount Charles) 2413 TO13
Lougheed Family Farm 5014 TO26
Meadowvale 2233 TO32
Moore's United Presbyterian Church 2415 TO17
Mount Peace Roman Catholic 2416 TO24
Our Lady of Assumption 2414 TO14
Springcreek 2419 TO19 (partial)
St. Andrew's Presbyterian 2395 TO09 (partial)
St. Bride's Cemetery, Clarkson 8845 TO38
St. John the Baptist (Dixie) Anglican Church 2420 TO22 (partial)
St. John's Lithuanian 2418 TO31
St. Joseph's (St. Dunstan's) Roman Catholic 5011 TO06 (partial)
St. Luke's Lakeview Anglican (Garden of Remembrance) 8432 TO37
St. Mary Star of the Sea 2421 TO20
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Port Credit 2859 TO33
St. Peter’s Anglican 2422 TO18 (partial)
Streetsville Public Cemetery 2396 TO08 (partial)
Todd Family Farm 5013 TO03
Trinity Anglican Streetsville 2397 TO07 (partial)
Trinity Anglican Church 2393 TO21 (partial)
Trinity United Church 2423 TO12