Barber Family Farm

Barber Family Farm

West 1/2 Lot 24, Concession 3W,
Caledon Township.

History:  No trace of the Barber Family Farm Cemetery remains.

The only evidence for its existence comes from William Perkins Bull’s papers, Cemeteries of Peel County, as follows:

Taken from letter of Mrs. J. E. Adams, Alton:

“There is a grave situated on the W ½ of Lot 24, 3rd concession West, Caledon, instead of the same lot on 2nd concession (j. E. Adams). Mrs. Samuel Barber was the grandfather of Mr. Jas. Barber of Alton. We have interviewed him and he says that his mother told him that the grave was on that farm but there is no person living now who knows just where.”

James Barber and Samuel Barber were the sons of James and Jane Barber, who are buried in Alton Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery. With his brother, Samuel, James Barber operated the manufacturing firm in Alton known as Barber Brothers. They were well-known for their carriages and buggies all over the county. After Samuel’s death, in 1910, James retired from the business. He and Samuel are both buried in Alton Cemetery.

Based on a file in Perkins Bull’s Families of Peel County, the grave may have been that of Samuel Barber, Sr., supposedly the grandfather of the Barber brothers, although Bull places his farm, which was leased, at Concession 2 WHS, Lot 24.  According to Bull Samuel Barber, Sr., was buried on his farm.