Becoming A Member

Breaking News!

On January 1st OGS members were able to access the MyHeritage Library Edition from the comforts of their own homes for only $10.00.  The MyHeritage Library Edition, similar to the Ancestry Library Edition which is available in public libraries throughout Ontario, is a non-personalized edition of the available databases. It is a research tool – you cannot save or update your own tree from this database. But it may nonetheless help you break through your own brick walls. What’s in the MyHeritage Library Edition?

Membership Benefits

All our branch members have access to Monthly Meetings, four editions of our Halton-Peel KINnections newsletter, our Halton-Peel Branch website and all OGS Member Benefits.

New OGS Member Benefits for 2019:

  • Access the MyHeritage Library Edition throughout 2018 from the comfort of home for only $10.
  • Substantial discounts on subscriptions to the UK’s Family Tree magazine
  • Substantial discounts on subscriptions to History Scotland magazine 
  • For more details and all other discounts and special offers, visit the Membership Benefits page on the Ontario Ancestors website

OGS Membership Categories

Individual Members $63.00 
An individual member receives all benefits of membership in OGS for the year in which they became a member. Halton Peel Branch membership is an additional $12.00. Members can join as many branches as they choose.

Student Membership $26.00
A special membership rate for full time students.

Membership Form

Complete the online membership form to become a member of the OGS in any of our categories. You may also print a Membership Form and mail it in. There is a mail-in form for individuals and a separate mail-in form for institutions.