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Our library collection can be found in the local history section at the Four Corners Branch of the Brampton Public Library, 65 Queen Street East in Brampton, near the Peel Archives (PAMA) – phone: 905-793-4636.

It contains over 1,300 items, most of which cover the counties of Halton and Peel.  In addition, there are how-to books, periodicals, and books containing information relating to other locations in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The collection has been catalogued to library standards and integrated with that of the Brampton Public Library’s on-line catalogue system.

To search for our materials, either use the below links to view the appropriate listing and then use your browser’s search feature, or search using Brampton library’s online search.

When you visit the library, go to the second floor and ask at the reference desk for the item you wish by its call number and title.  In order to access items you must present either your OGS membership card, your Brampton library card, or your driver’s license. Items may not be removed from the local history reference area of the library and are not available through inter-library loan.

The Halton-Peel Branch gratefully acknowledges the receipt of a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation which allowed the branch to catalogue its library collection.  The material is now more accessible to the general public, who can use it to learn more about their community and family history. The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.

Index to Halton-Peel Collection

TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
A list of birth, marriages and deaths in the Halton Journal, 1855-1858Cooke, Alex S.929.3713533 Coo
A marriage register 31 March 1836 - 3 Dec. 1838 Rev. John Hamm, Bay of Quinte.Wanamaker, C. Loral R.929.371358 Wan
A record of two thousand and ninety marriage licences, 1922-1955 : issued in Municipality of Port Credit, Peel County, Ontario by George Wingfield Gordon, Justice to Keep the Peace, 1922-1953, Rhena V. Gordon, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, 1948-19632003929.37135 REC
A register of deceased persons at sea and on Grosse ^Ile in 1847Charbonneau, Andre.1997929.3714735 Cha
A register of marriages and baptisms in the Gore and London Districts, by the Rev. Ralph Leeming, from 1816 to 1827.1903929.371325 Reg
Alton-Caledon pastoral charge (formerly Presbyterian and Methodist), Peel County, Ontario : baptisms 1865-1921, marriages 1858-1925, burials 1915-19252007929.3713535 Alt
Baptismal Register for the Mission of Ching., Gore of Toronto and parts adjacent, 1843-1857 and selected items from the confirmation and burial records.929.3713535 Bap
Births, marriages & deaths ""The Globe", Toronto, Ontario. Volume I, 1844-1847Trace, Mary Kearns.1986929.3713541 Tra
Bruce County marriages : marriage registrations for Bruce County, Ontario from 1869 to 1873Stewart, Jeff, 1963-1998929.371321 Ste
Christian messenger : births, deaths, marriages.1973929.3713 Chr
County marriage registers of Ontario, Canada, 1858-18691979929.3713 Cou
Danforth and North Broadview United Churches Toronto (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1891-1925, marriages 1909-1925, burials 1909-1925 : fonds 1604 North Broadview Presbyterian Church; fonds 1602 Danforth Methodist Church2010929.3713541 Dan
Death notices & obituaries of Nassagaweya : with additions of Nassagaweya Township's cemetery headstone inscriptions / compiled by Joy Simpson.2013971.509713533 DEA
Death notices from The Canada Christian Advocate, 1858-1872McKenzie, Donald A.1992929.3713 McKe
Death notices from the Christian guardian, 1836-1850McKenzie, Donald A.1982929.3713 McKe
Death notices from the Christian guardian, 1851-1860McKenzie, Donald A.1984929.3713 McKe
Death notices of OntarioReid, William D.1980929.3713 Rei
Dufferin County United Churches Melancthon and Mulmur Townships (formerly Methodist, Presbyterian and United Brethren) : baptisms 1864-1925, marriages 1858-1925, burials 1900-1925 : fonds 2546 Corbetton Presbyterian Church ; fonds 2558 Horning's Mills Met2010929.371341 Duf
Dufferin County United Churches Mono and Amaranth Townships (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1831-1925, marriages 1896-1925, burials 1900-1925 : fonds 1945 Mono Mills Pastoral Charge ; fonds 2543 Camilla-Laurel-Mono Centre Pastoral Charge2010929.371341 Duf
Durham Region United Churches (formerly Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1832-1899, marriages 1835-1899, burials 1853-1881 : Whitby Methodist Episcopal Circuit, fonds 1584 ; Claremont Pastoral Charge, fonds 1495 ; Cannington Methodis2012929.371356 DUR
Early Canadian marriages in Erie County, New YorkJewitt, Allen E.1982929.374796 Jew
Early Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register extractions for Huron County.1993929.371322 Ear
Esquesing Township, Halton County United churches : baptisms 1911-1925, marriages 1896-1925, burials 1909-19242009929.3713533 Esq
Etobicoke and Toronto West End United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1911-1925, marriages 1909-1925, burials 1913-19252011929.3713541 Eto
Father Gordon's register, 1830-1833 : Reverend Edward John Gordon, 1791-1870McDevitt, Francis V., 1954-1995929.3713535 McD
Flamborough marriage records, 1794-1849Wray, Sylvia.1988929.371352 Wra
Genealogical extracts from the Eganville leader : death notices and obituaries.1990929.371381 Gen
Grey County marriages : marriage registrations for Grey County, Ontario from 1869 to 1873Stewart, Jeff, 1963-1997929.371318 Ste
Grey County United Churches Artemesia and Proton Townships (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1889-1925, marriages 1895-1925, burials 1899-1925 : fonds 2551 Flesherton Pastoral Charge ; fonds 2595 Markdale Pastoral Charge2012929.371318 GRE
Grey County United Churches Collingwood, St. Vincent, Sydenham Townships (formerly Congregational, Methodist, New Connexion and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1856-1925, marriages 1862-1925, burials 1915-1925 : fonds 2533 Knox Annan Pastoral Charge ; fonds 25872012929.371318 GRE
Grey County United Churches Owen Sound (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1856-1925, marriages 1856-1925, burials 1899-1925 : fonds 1240 Knox United Church ; fonds 2700 Central Westside United Church2012929.371318 GRE
Halton & Peel Counties marriages : marriage registrations for Halton & Peel Counties, Ontario from 1869 to 1873Stewart, Jeff, 1963-1999929.371353 Ste
Halton County Methodist baptisms : Wesleyan Methodist baptisms for Halton County, Ontario from 1829 to 1897Stewart, Jeff, 1963-1999929.3713533 Ste
Halton County United Churches (formerly Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1838-1925, marriages 1858-1925, burials 1901-1925 : Munn's United Church, Oakville, Fonds 1379, St. Paul's United Church, Milton, Fonds 1377, St. John's United2010929.3713533 Hal
Halton marriages : 1869-1873Blaney, J. Eric.929.3713533 Bla
Halton-Peel marriages preformed [sic] at St. James Anglican Cathedral, Toronto, as taken from Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto, vol. 31980929.3713541 Hal
Hastings and Prince Edward Counties United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1807-1899, marriages 1808-1899, burials 1898-1899 : Belleville Wesleyan Methodist Circuit, fonds 1314 ; Melrose and Lonsdale Circuit, fonds 1570 ; Main St2012929.371358 HAS
Index of births, marriages & deaths as recorded in Barrie newspapers from 1847-1900929.371317 Inde
Index to death announcement cards received, Rosa Scott Ellison estate929.371353 Inde
Index to Niagara Conference Methodist Episcopal Church baptismal register, 1849-1886 : a guide for genealogistsHope, Louise.1994929.3713 Hop
Index, baptisms and marriages, Brockville and district, 1812-1848 : Rev. John Bethune, Rev. John Leeds, Rev. Wm. Smart, Rev. C. Stewart, Rev. John WenhamLivingston, Edwin A., 1918-1985929.371373 Liv
Index, vital statistics, The Gore gazette : March 2, 1827-June 8, 1829.Burtch, W. Craig.1985929.371352 Bur
Inglewood pastoral charge, Chinguacousy Township, Peel County, Ontario : baptisms 1831-1925, marriages 1882-1925, burials 1915-1925.2005929.3713535 Ing
Kingston Area United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1835-1899, marriages 1831-1899, burials 1856-18992013929.371372 KIN
Lambton County marriages : marriage registrations for Lambton County, Ontario from 1869 to 18731998929.371327 Lam
Lanark County United Churches (formerly Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1822-1899, marriages 1834-1899, burials 1863-1874 : fonds 2787 Central Lanark Pastoral Charge ; fonds 1653 Pakenham Pastoral Charge ; fonds 1595 St. Paul's Unit2013929.371382 LAN
Leeds and Grenville Counties United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1836-1899, marriages 1843-1899, burials 1884-1899 : St. John's United Church Brockville, fonds 1305 ; Springfield Pastoral Charge, fonds 15712013929.371373 LEE
Marriage notices of OntarioReid, William D.1980929.3713 Rei
Marriage records 1838-1870 of the Rev. Bold Cudmore Hill, M.A., S.P.G. Missionary at York, Grand River, Canada West.1980929.37135 Mar
Marriage register of Elder Hugh Reid : Erin Township, 1858-1875.1986929.3713 Mar
Methodist baptisms in Whitchurch, 1843-1899 : a guide for genealogistsBurkholder, Ruth, 1942-1994929.3713547 Bur
Muskoka and Parry Sound Districts United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1899-1925, marriages 1896-1925, burials 1899-1925 : fonds 2611 Bethune United, Baysville ; fonds 2672 Bracebridge United Church ; fonds 2569 St. James Metho2011929.37131 Mus
Naval chronicle, 1799-1818 : index to births, marriages, and deathsHurst, Norman, 1944-1989929.341 Hur
New Credit Indian Mission and Cooksville United Church (formerly Methodist), Peel County, Ontario : baptisms, 1802-1922, marriages, 1836-1925, burials, 1868-1922 : fonds 1434, New Credit Indian Mission, Port Credit2007929.3713535 New
Newtonbrook United Church (formerly Methodist), Toronto : baptisms 1902-1967, marriages 1903-1967, burials 1902-19672008929.3713541 New
Obituaries from Ontario's Christian guardian, 1861-1870McKenzie, Donald A.1988929.3713 McKe
Obituaries from the Canada Christian Advocate, 1873-1884McKenzie, Donald A.1998929.3713 McKe
Peel / Halton marriages as found in York county records, 1858-1869Johnson, Frank929.371353 Joh
Peel County United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1896-1925, marriages 1852-1925, burials 1904-1925 : fonds 2539 Bolton United; fonds 2185 Grace United, Brampton; fonds 2541 Huttonville United; fonds 1207 Streetsville United2009929.3713535 Pee
Renfrew County United Churches formerly Methodist and Presbyterian : baptisms 1841-1899, marriages 1851-1899 : fonds 1563 Trinity-St. Andrew's United Church, Renfrew ; fonds 1694 Melville United Church, Eganville ; fonds 1691 Admaston Pastoral Charge2013929.371381 REN
Roman Catholic births, marriages and deaths in Halton and Peel counties : 1830's to 1850's from St. Augustine, Dundas recordsMann, Trudy.1999929.371353 Man
Roman Catholic marriage registers in Ontario, Canada, 1828-1870Rumpel, Renie A. (Renie Arlene), 1942-1997929.3713 Rum
Saint Luke's (Methodist) United Church, Toronto : baptisms 1831-1925, marriages 1858-1925, burials 1909-19252005929.3713541 Sai
Simcoe County North United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1855-1925, marriages 1894-1925, burials 1898-1925 : Coldwater Pastoral Charge, fonds 2545 ; Guthrie Hawkestone Pastoral Charge, fonds 2555 ; Severn Bridge Pastoral Charge2011929.371317 Sim
Simcoe County South United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1835-1925, marriages 1858-1925, burials 1909-1925 : fonds 2596 Bond Head/Newton Robinson Churches ; fonds 2540 Bradford Methodist Church ; fonds 1222 Collier St. Methodis2011929.371317 Sim
St. James-Bond United Church, Toronto, formerly Presbyterian and Congregational : baptisms 1815-1925, marriages 1858-1925, burials 1893-19172006929.3713541 Sain
St. Luke's Anglican Church, Burlington, Ontario : index to birth, death, marriage register, ca. 1834-1867929.3713533 Sai
The Acton Free Press : index to births, marriages and deathsNeilson, Marshall929.3713533 Nei
The Canadian champion, Milton , Ontario: index to births, marriages and deaths1992929.3713533 Can
The Carlisle list : an account of some births, marriages and deaths in Middlesex County, Ontario, 1839 to 18662005929.371325 Car
The Georgetown Herald : index to births, marriages and deaths1992929.3713533 Geo
The marriage register 1803-1823 of Stephen Conger, J.P., Hallowell (from a copy of the original at Ontario Archives), and ""Conger"" or ""White Chapel"" Cemetery, recorded in 19671981929.371358 Marr
The marriage registers of Upper Canada-Canada WestWalker, Dan, 1961-2000929.3713 Wal
Three United churches of Toronto (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1887-1925, marriages 1896-1925, burials 1911-1925 : fonds 1777 Bloor Street United Church; fonds 1284 Centennial-Japanese United Church; fonds 2855 St. Paul's United Church.2010929.3713541 Thr
Toronto Davenport United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1903-1925, marriages 1897-1925, burials 1907-19252010929.3713541 Tor
Toronto Scarborough United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1850-1925, marriages 1848-1925, burials 1892-1925 : fonds 2524 Zion United; fonds 1743 Knox United; fonds 2517 Victoria Park United; fonds 2515 St. Paul's Scarborough Uni2010929.3713541 Tor
Toronto, Scarborough circuit (formerly Wesleyan Methodist) : marriages 1898-1924 : fonds 2695 Scarborough Bluffs United Church2011929.3713541 Tor
Trinity-St. Paul's United Church (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian), Toronto, Ontario : baptisms 1868-1925, marriages 1860-1925, burials 1901-19252007929.3713541 Tri
Wentworth County United Churches (formerly Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1836-1899, marriages 1836-1899, burials 1842-1899 : Centenary United Church, Hamilton, fonds 1769 ; Melrose United Church, Hamilton, fonds 2176 ; Pilgrim Uni2013929.371352 WEN
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Algoma District, 1852-1894 : a transcription2001929.3713132 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Bruce County, 1843-1898 : a transcription2001929.371321 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Carleton County, 1830-1899 : a transcription2001929.371383 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : District of Haliburton, 1861-1877 : a transcription2001929.371361 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Dufferin County, 1841-1902 : a transcription2001929.371341 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Durham County, 1826-1899 : a transcription2001929.371356 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Elgin County, 1840-1894 : a transcription2002929.371334 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Essex County, 1843-1901 : a transcription2001929.371331 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Frontenac County 1830-1898 : a transcription2002929.371371 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Grenville County, 1836-1901 : a transcription2002929.371373 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Grey County, 1846-1910 : a transcription2001929.371318 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Haldimand County, 1843-1896 : a transcription2002929.371336 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Halton County, 1829-1897 : a transcription2001929.3713533 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Hastings County, 1840-1904 : a transcription2003929.3713585 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Huron County, 1842-1901 : a transcription2003929.371322 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Kent County, 1836-1901 : a transcription2002929.371333 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Lambton County, 1840-1894 : a transcription2003929.371327 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Lanark County, 1843-1902 : a transcription2000929.371382 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Leeds County, 1836-1901 : a transcription2002929.371373 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Lennox and Addington County, 1834-1898 : a transcription2003929.371359 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Lincoln County, 1837-1887 : a transcription2002929.371338 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Middlesex County, 1835-1903 : a transcription2003929.371325 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Muskoka District, 1852-1890 : a transcription2001929.371316 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Norfolk County, 1837-1889 : a transcription2001929.371336 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : northern districts, Kenora and Rainy River, Manitoulin, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Sudbury, 1864-1909 : a transcription2002929.37131 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Northumberland County, 1835-1902 : a transcription.2001929.371357 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Ontario County, 1841-1905 : a transcription2001929.371356 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : out of Ontario, 1826-1909 : a transcription2004929.3714 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Oxford County, 1837-1906 : a transcription2003929.371346 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Peel County, 1842-1899 : a transcription2001929.3713535 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Perth County, 1844-1898 : a transcription2001929.371323 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Peterborough County, 1825-1896 : a transcription.2001929.371367 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Prescott County, 1840-1877 : a transcription2001929.371385 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Prince Edward County, 1841-1888 : a transcription.2003929.3713587 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Renfrew County, 1830-1895 : a transcription2001929.371381 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Russell County, 1840-1886 : a transcription /[transcribed by Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society].2001929.371385 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Simcoe County 1836-1899 : a transcription2001929.371317 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry counties, 1824-1879 : a transcription2003929.371375 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Victoria County, 1832-1900 : a transcription2002929.371364 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Waterloo County, 1831-1897 : a transcription2002929.371344 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Welland County, 1840-1890 : a transcription2002929.371338 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Wellington County, 1837-1900 : a transcription2002929.371342 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : Wentworth County, 1825-1898 : a transcription2003929.371352 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register : York County, 1835-1910 : a transcription2003929.371354 Wes
Wesleyan Methodist baptismal register master index : a genealogical reference2004929.3712 Wes
Westennial United Church (formerly Methodist), Toronto : baptisms 1900-1925, marriages 1896-1925, burials 1900-19252009929.3713541 Wes
Westminster United Church: formerly First Avenue Methodist/United and St. Andrew's Presbyterian/United : baptisms, 1849-1925; marriages, 1859-1925 ; burials, 1866-1925 : fonds 2571/25722008929.371341 Wes
York Region United Churches (formerly Presbyterian and Methodist) : baptisms 1854-1925, marriages 1840-1925, burials 1854-1925. Book l, Markham and Richmond Hill2011929.3713547 Yor
York Region United Churches (formerly Presbyterian and Methodist) : baptisms 1899-1925, marriages 1895-1925, burials 1905-1925. Book II, Newmarket, Maple, Schomberg, Townships of Vaughan and Whitchurch-Stouffville2011929.3713547 Yor
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
Accessing burial records for large cemeteries in Metro Toronto & York Region : a genealogical reference listingLancaster, Shirley E. (Shirley Ellen), 1936-1993929.502571354 Lan
Acton Pioneer cemetery : to the memory of the pioneers929.509713533 Act
Albion township cemeteries929.509713535 Alb
Albion Township cemetery no. 17 : Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bolton, Albion Township, Peel County, Ontario.1993929.509713535 Alb
Archaeological mitigation of the Cheyne Cemetery, part lot 14, concession 1, E.H.S., Toronto township, City of Brampton, Regional municipality of Peel929.509713535 Arc
Bruce County cemeteries929.50971321 Bru
Caledon township cemeteries929.509713535 Cal
Carved in stone : Manitoba cemeteries and burial sites1990929.50257127 Car
Cemeteries : Frontenac County.1982929.50971371 Cem
Cemeteries Act (Revised) : Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990, chapter C.4Ontario.344.7130450263 Cem
Cemeteries of Tyendinaga twp., Hastings County.1994929.509713585 Cem
Cemetery inscriptions : Tecumseth and West Gwillimbury Townships, Simcoe County, Ontario, now the town of New Tecumseth and Bradford West Gwillimbury ; with historic notes.1994929.50971317 Cem
Chinguacousy township cemeteries929.509713535 Chi
Chinguacousy township cemetery no. 16 : Brampton Cemetery, Brampton, Ontario, Peel County.1981929.509713535 Chi
Dedication ceremony : Islington burying grounds, 4950 Dundas Street West.929.509713541 Ded
Early Ontario gravestonesHanks, Carole731.7609713 Han
Elgin county cemeteries929.50971334 Elg
Esquesing township cemeteries929.509713533 Esq
Esquesing township cemetery no. 16 : Greenwood Cemetery, Georgetown, Esquesing Township, Halton County, Ontario1994929.509713533 Esq
Esquesing township cemetery no. 2 : Fairview Cemetery, Acton, Esquesing Township, Halton County, Ontario.1992929.509713533 Esq
Essex county cemeteries929.50971331 Ess
Gravestone inscriptions of eleven cemeteries of Mono Township, Dufferin County, OntarioRayburn, Alan.1991929.50971341 Ray
Gravestone inscriptions of Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario to July, 1988Rayburn, Alan.1989929.50971341 Ray
Gravestone inscriptions of Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario, to August 1989Rayburn, Alan.1990929.50971341 Ray
Hamilton-Wentworth cemeteries929.50971352 Ham
Historic Drummond Hill Cemetery transcriptions (with additional references)Kamfoly-St. Angelo, Mabel, 1939-1985929.50971339 Kam
If they could talk they should tell us... a story of Chambers Spring Grave Grounds' earliest people. Parts 1 & 2Jackson, Patricia.2010929.509713535 JAC
Index to cemeteries for the counties of Halton and Peel : as recorded by the Halton-Peel Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.929.509713535016 Ind
Inventory of cemeteries in Ontario : a genealogical research guide1987929.509713 Inv
Lennox & Addington county cemeteries929.50971359 Len
List of cemeteries in Halton, Peel, Grey and Bruce counties, along with the names of the persons holding information on the abandoned ones.929.509713 Lis
Midland's past inhabitants : tombstone inscriptions of the cemeteries of Midland, Simcoe County, OntarioGianetto, Stella M.1979929.50971317 Gia
Monumental inscriptions of Union Cemetery, Calgary, AlbertaTrace, Mary Kearns.1986929.509712338 Tra
Monumental transcriptions. Volume I, Records of 60 burial grounds in central North Simcoe County1977929.50971317 Mon
Nashville Cemetery, City of Vaughan, Ontario : West 1/2 lot 24, concession 9, City of Vaughan, Ontario1993929.50971354 Nas
Nassagaweya township cemeteries929.509713533 Nas
Nelson township cemeteries929.509713533 Nel
Nelson township cemetery no. 11 : Greenwood Cemetery, lot 7, Brant's block, Burlington, Nelson township, Halton county, Ontario.929.509713533 Nel
Nelson township cemetery no. 21 : Bayview Cemetery and Crematory (formerly the Hamilton Mausoleum), Burlington, Nelson Township, Halton County.1993929.509713533 Nel
Nelson township cemetery no. 30 : Burlington Memorial Gardens (formerly known as Halton Hills Memorial Gardens) Concession 1 NDS Part Lot 15, Nelson Township, Halton County, Ontario2010929.509713533 Nel
Niagara region cemeteries929.50971338 Nia
Oakville Cemetery : located in the Town of Oakville, Regional Municipality of Halton (being the former County of Halton) OntarioGilchrist, J. Brian.1996929.509713533 Gil
Ontario County cemeteriesTrace, Mary Kearns.1994929.50971356 Tra
Plympton Township's rural cemeteriesNielsen, Eleanor.1980929.50971327 Nie
Potter's Field Cemetery, 1826-1855 : otherwise called the Stranger's Burying Ground, Bloor and Yonge Streets, Toronto, OntarioHancocks, Elizabeth.1983929.509713541 Han
Reference manualOntario Association of Cemeteries.352.7209713 Ont
Report on the 1995 stage 3-4 archaeological investigations of the Woodhill Pioneer Cemetery, City of Brampton, Regional Municipality of Peel, Ontario929.509713535 Rep
The old Methodist burying grund in the town of Perth, Lanark County, Ontario : currently known as St. Paul's United Church cemetery, Robinson Street, Perth, OntarioNeelin, James M.1979929.50971338 Nee
Toronto Gore township cemeteries929.509713535 Toro
Toronto township cemeteries929.509713535 Tor
Trafalgar township cemeteries929.509713533 Tra
Trafalgar township cemetery no. 17 : St. Jude's Cemetery, concession 4 SDS, lot 17, Trafalgar Township, Halton County, Ontario1996929.509713533 Tra
Trafalgar township cemetery no. 18 : Evergreen Cemetery, Milton concession 2 lots 12 & 13 Trafalgar Township, Halton County Ontario.1996929.509713533 Tra
Trafalgar township cemetery no. 20 : Trafalgar Lawn cemetery, concession 1 lots 22 & 23, Oakville, Trafalgar Township, Halton County, Ontario2008929.509713533 Tra
United Church cemetery Strabane, Ontario929.371352 Uni
Wellington county cemeteries.929.50971342 Wel
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
1820 to 1997 listing of property owners for lots 1-10, conc. 1 east, lots 1-10, conc. 1 & 2 west in the Township of Toronto, also lot 19, con. 2 N of Dundas St.Madill, Benson A.929.3713535 Mad
1861 census of Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, Canada West.1973929.371336 Cen
A list of the inhabitants of the Township of Esquesing on a Petition to Sir Francis Bond head Lt. Gov. of Upper Canada February 2, 1838.1999929.3713533 Lis
Census of Niagara, 1783.1978929.371338 Cen
Grimsby Township, Lincoln County : 1851 Census1989929.371338 Gri
Index of Jews resident in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island according to the 1861 to 1901 censuses of CanadaEker, Glen.2004929.30899240715 Eke
Index of Jews resident in Newfoundland according to the censuses of 1921, 1935 and 1945Eker, Glen.2005929.30899240718 Eke
Index of Jews resident in the Province of Quebec according to the 1861 to 1901 censuses of CanadaEker, Glen.2004929.30899240714 Eke
Index of Jews resident in western Canada according to the 1870 to 1901 censuses of CanadaEker, Glen.2006929.30899240712 Eke
Index to 1861 census of Lambton County, Enniskillen TownshipSmith, George Leslie, 1922-1974929.371327 Smi
Index to 1861 census of Lambton County, Moore TownshipSmith, George Leslie, 1922-1974929.371327 Smi
Index to 1861 census of Lambton County, Sarnia TownshipSmith, George Leslie, 1922-1974929.371327 Smi
Index to 1861 census of Lambton County, Sarnia, TownSmith, George Leslie, 1922-1974929.371327 Smi
Index to 1881 Canadian census of British Columbia. Part IMain, Lorne W. (Lorne William), 1951-1981929.3711 Mai
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Bruce1989929.371321 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Durham929.371356 Ind
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario : Elgin1989929.371334 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Essex-Kent1989929.371331 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Grey1991929.371318 Ind
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario : Haldimand-Norfolk1988929.371336 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Halton-Peel1986929.371353 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Hamilton-WentworthOntario Genealogical Society929.371 352 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Hastings-Prince Edward1991929.371358 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Huron1986929.371322 Ind
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario : Kingston-Frontenac-Lennox-Addington1988929.371371 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : LambtonOntario Genealogical Society929.371 327 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Lanark1992929.371382 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Leeds-Grenville1990929.371373 Ind
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario : Lincoln-Welland-Niagara929.371 338 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : London-Middlesex1990929.371325 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Northumberland1990929.371357 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Ontario county / ruce S. Elliott, Stephen Wood, Irene Dupree1991929.371356 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Ottawa-Carleton1988929.371384 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Oxford929.371346 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Perth County1991929.371323 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Peterborough-Victoria1988929.37136 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Renfrew and the North929.371381 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Stormont-Dundas-Glangarry-Prescott-RussellOntario Genealogical Society929.371 375 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Toronto1992929.3713541 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Waterloo1990929.371344 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Wellington1989929.371342 Ind
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : York1992929.371354 Ind
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario: Brant County929.371 347 Ind
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario: Simcoe CountyOntario Genealogical Society929.371 317 Ind
Indexes to Ontario census records : an inventoryCrowder, Norman Kenneth, 1926-1987016.9293713 Cro
Inhabitants of Toronto, Ontario, 18501988929.3713541 Inh
Inhabitants of York County, Ontario, 18501988929.371354 Inh
Local census listings : 1522-1930 : holdings in the British IslesGibson, Jeremy Sumner Wycherley.1992929.341 Gib
Partial census of Woodhouse township, 18121975929.371336 Par
Pioneers of Upper Canada 1783-1839 : an alphabetical list of names contained in certain early records of Upper Canada, together with their document sourcesBourrie, Doris B.1991929.3713 Bou
Pre-1841 censuses & population listings in the British IslesChapman, Colin R., 1939-1996929.1071041 Cha
Preliminary list of electors, Mississauga North, 1979929.3713535 Pre
Revolutionary census of New Jersey : an index, based on ratables, of the inhabitants of New Jersey during the period of the American RevolutionStryker-Rodda, Kenn.1972929.3749 Str
The 1841 census of Trafalgar township929.3713533 Eig
The censuses, 1841-1881 : use and interpretationMcLaughlin, Eve.1985929.1072042 McLa
The Muster Roll of Co. Downe (Ireland) c1631, mss 4770, pages 215-269, British Library / [transcribed and indexed by Margaret Williams].Williams, Margaret.1989356.109416 Wil
Toronto & home district 1837 directory descendantsMacNamara, Jane E. (Jane Ellen), 1956-1991929.3713541 MacN
Town of Orangeville voter's list, 1889.929.371341 Tow
Voters' list [for the Municipality of the] Township of Caledon, County of Peel, 1939.929.3713535 Vot
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
100 years of devotion : Monticello United Church, 1883-1983Shortt, Ioan287.920971341 Sho
175 years of history, 1825-2000 : St. Peter's Anglican Church, ErindaleAdamson, Thompson, 1912-2000283.713535 Ada
A brief history of Erindale United ChurchPerry, John E.287.9209713535 Per
A century of witness : Bolton United Church, 1876-1976.1976287.9209713535 Cen
A chronicle of the Parish of St. James' Anglican Church, Caledon East, 1843-1978Sime, Emily G. W.1978283.713535 Sim
A history of Cooksville United ChurchStevenson, Ellen.1975287.9209713535 Ste
A History of St. George's Church, Guelph, Ontario, 1832-19821982283.71343 His
A history of St. John's Anglican Church, Stewarttown, Ontario (Town of Esquesing 1821)Emslie, Lucy E.283.713533 Ems
A history of St. John's United Church, 1832-1972Wilson, Ernest L.287.9209713533 Wil
A history of the churches in the United States and CanadaHandy, Robert T.1977277.1 Han
A local response to the union/succession crisis of 1834 in the Nelson circuit of the Methodist ChurchShearman, John.277.13533 She
A pictorial history of the present Saint John the Evangelist Church, Albion, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary 1901-19761976282.713535 Pic
Anniversary reflections: 1856-1981, a history of Hamilton DioceseFoyster, Ken.1982282.71352 Foy
Annual report and financial statements, 1973St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (Brampton, Ont.)285.2713535 Ann
Asbury and West United Church, Toronto, formerly Methodist and Presbyterian : baptisms 1923-1925, marriages 1896-19252006929.3713541 Asb
Ashgrove United Church of Canada : centennial, 1860-1960287.9209713533 Ash
Background and history of Brampton Presbyterian Church, 1847--1940Miller, A. Neil (Andrew Neil), 1902-1940285.2713535 Mil
Bethel United Church, 1973287.9209713533 Bet
Brief history of Ebenezer United Church, 1858-1958 : centennial of the present church287.9209713535 Bri
Britannia United Church, 1843-1968287.9209713535 Brit
Caledon East United Church : 1880-1980.1980287.9209713535 Cal
Centennial : Christ Church, West Flamboro, 1865-1965.1965283.71352 Cen
Centennial : Union Presbyterian Church, Esquesing 1833-1933.285.2713533 Cen
Centennial : Union Presbyterian Church, Esquesing 1833-1933.1933285.2713533 Cen
Central Toronto West United Churches (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1910-1925, marriages 1897-1925, burials 1918-1925 : fonds 1209 High Park-Alhambra United; fonds 1294 Howard Park United; fonds 1789 Erksine United; fonds 1790 North Park2009929.3713541 Cen
Charts of families associated with St. Andrew's ChurchHeard, J.C.929.3713535 Hea
Church on the Hill : the story of Bethel United Church, 1823-1998287.9209713533 Chu
Claude Presbyterian Church, 1843-1993285.2713535 Cla
College Street United Church (formerly Presbyterian), College and Bathurst Streets, Toronto, Ontario : marriages 1896-1925 : fonds 1780 College Street Presbyterian/United Church2011929.3713541 Col
Copy of quarterly minutes of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Chinguacousy Circuit, 1872-83277.13535 Cop
Early church of Chinguacousy and Toronto Gore Townships in Peel County (Brampton) : with resource and record locationsMann, Trudy.2000280.09713535 Man
Early churches of Albion and Caledon Townships, Peel County (Town of Caledon) : with resource and record locationsMann, Trudy.2003280.09713535 Man
Early churches of Nassagaweya and Nelson Townships : Halton County (City of Burlington) and (Northwestern part of Milton) with resource and record locationsMann, Trudy.929.10720713533 Man
Early churches of Toronto Township in Peel County (Mississauga) : resource and record locationsMann, Trudy.1999280.09713535 Man
Early Methodist records : Methodist Episcopal Church.1980929.371359 Ear
Ebenezer congregation, Nassagaweya : 150 years of continuous service to the LordTrousdale, Florence.1972287.209713535 Tro
Eden United Church, 1824-1999: 175 years of faith storiesTaylor, Jim.287.9209713535 Tay
Footprints : 150 years of congregational life at St. John's, Nassagaweya, 1842-1992Andrews, June R, (June Rose), 1922-283.713533 And
Grey County United Churches Holland, Keppel and Osprey Townships (formerly Methodist and Presbyterian) : baptisms 1853-1925, marriages 1863-1925, burials 1909-1925 : fonds 2669 Chatsworth Pastoral Charge ; fonds 2559 Kemble Pastoral Charge ; fonds 2559 Wa2012929.371318 GRE
Habitant footsteps on the south shore of the Detroit river and the parish registers of the Church of the Assumption, Sandwich, Ont.1906971.332 Hab
Halton County early church histories and location of records and resourcesMann, Trudy.1983280.09713533 Man
Historical time-line tracing one hundred and seventy-five years of life and minitsry : St. Andrew's, 1821-1996Stewart, Jean285.2713535 Ste
History of Ballinafad churches 1825-1978 : Methodist 1825-1925, Presbyterian 1878-1925, United 1925-19781978277.0971342 His
History of Boston Presbyterian Church, Esquesing Township, 1820-1975.Wilson, Margaret.1978285.2713533 Wil
History of Churchill Community Church.Griffin, Harold.1980287.9209713533 Gri
History of Limehouse Presbyterian Church, 1861-1961.1961285.2713533 Hist
History of St. Andrew's Church : Streetsville, Ontario 1822-1908.1908285.2713535 His
Holy Cross Parish, Georgetown : 25 and 125 years of service, devotion and worship, 1981282.713533 Hol
Knox Presbyterian Church, Burlington : 100th anniversary 1845-1945.1945285.2713533 Kno
Malton Memorial United Church, 1850-1975287.9209713533 Mal
Maple Grove United Church : 25th anniversary, 1955-1980287.9209713533 Map
Mayfield memories, 1830-1980 : a history of Mayfield Church compiled for the 150th anniversary287.9209713535 May
Norval Methodist-United Church : history, 1853-1983287.9209713533 Nor
Nostalgia: a history of Trinity Church and Campbell's CrossNeely, Lois A.283.713535 Nee
One hundred and fifty years, 1837-1987 : Inglewood United Church historyDodd, G. Frances287.9209713535 Dod
One hundred years : Lowville United Church, 1872-1972Coulter, Eleanor287.9209713533 Cou
One hundred years to the glory of God : Norval Presbyterian Church, 1878-1978.1978285.2713533 One
Our sacred trust : Knox Presbyterian Church, 1845-1995285.2713533 Our
Palgrave: the United Church and the communityMcLean, Florence E971.3535 McLe
Pilgrimage of faith : 150 years of history of the churches in Madoc Township and village, 1824-1974Blackburn, Alma.1974280.09713585 Bla
Records and memories of Boston Church in the Scotch Block : Esquesing Township, County of Halton, Ontario, Canada, 1820-1920McColl, John1920285.2713533 McCo
Religion and churches in the Niagara peninsula : proceedings, fourth annual Niagara Peninsula History Conference : Brock University, 17-18 April 1982Niagara Peninsula History Conference (4th : 1982 : Brock University)1982277.1338 Nia
Saint Andrew's Presbyterian, "The Stone Church", lot 21, fifth concession east, Caledon township, Peel county, Ontario.Heard, J.C.285.2713535 Hea
Sesquicentennial : the parish church of St. Luke, Wellington Square - Canada West, 1834, Burlington, Ontario, 1984.1984280.09713533 Ses
Shiloh United Church, Methodist : brief historical sketchLynd, G.W.287.9209713533 Lyn
St. Andrew's Church, Oakville : 1840-1990.1990282.713533 Sai
St. George's Anglican Church : a historyRuggle, Richard, 1941-1982283.713533 Rug
St. John's Anglican Church cemetery, York, Ontario, 905639 NT929.50971336 Sai
St. John's Anglican Church, Castlemore, 1888-1988283.713535 Sain
St. John's Anglican Church, Woodhouse : parish registers, 1830-1851, 1885-1948Yeager, William, 1944-1982929.371336 Yea
St. John's United Church, 1974287.9209713533 Saint
St. John's United Church, Oakville, Ontario, 1980287.9209713533 Sai
St. Luke's Church, Burlington, Ontario, 1834-1967Kelly, Percy A.1973283.713533 Kel
St. Paul's Church, Brampton, Ontario1978287.4713535 Sai
St. Paul's United Church, Milton, Ontario, 1852-1952.Milton, Ont. St. Paul's United Church.1952287.9209713533 Milt
St. Stephen's Church, Hornby Ontario : a HistoryWhaley, Ken.1977283.713533 Wha
The church at Munn's Corner : a history of Munn's United ChurchCampbell, Lorne287.9209713533 Cam
The history of Knox Presbyterian Church, Milton, Ontario, CanadaKennedy, Donald Elliot.1975285.2713533 Ken
The jubilee souvenir of erection of present building of Caven Church, Bolton.1925285.2713535 Jub
The Presbytery of Hamilton, 1836-1967.Presbyterian Church in Canada. Presbytery of Hamilton.1967285.271352 Pre
Waltonian : the United Church of Canada, 1925-1985, 60th anniversary.287.9209713533 Wal
Wellington County and City of Guelph, Ontario, Canada : places of worship records inventory (before 1900) : (churches established before 1900, excepting the United Church of Canada where date of establishment was 1925)Moore, George Frederick.1999929.371342 Moo
Zimmerman United Church : a history287.9209713533 Zim"
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
A Beveridge-McLeish family history : Thomas Beveridge (1826-1895) and Margaret Kennedy McLeish (1838-1918) of Scotland, Middlesex County, Ontario, and Little Mountain, near Winnipeg, ManitobaBeveridge, Thomas McLeish, 1905-1992929.20971 Bev
A brief resume of the Cross family of Vermont and OntarioCross, Brenda929.20971 Cro
A genealogical history of the Milesian families of Ireland1968929.3415 Gen
A Goodly heritage : the story of the James and Rachel (Jennett) Simpson family who once lived in the Township of Innisfil, Simcoe County, Ontario, CanadaSimpson, Reba R.M.1974929.20971 Sim
A history of my family and the family farm at New Perth, Prince Edward Island and a short history of New PerthDewar, Lloyd George, 1915-1975929.20971 Dew
A Kilbourne quest : Litchfield to LambethSadler, Clarence W., 1913-1973929.20971 Kil
A line of Livingston(e)s : from Mull, Scotland to Grey and Halton Counties, Ontario, CanadaLivingstone, Dawn E.1995929.20971 Liv
A Loyalist's legacy : the family of Robert LandBrown, Dorothy Isabel, 1926-1985929.20971 Lan
A relic of old decency; the old homestead of Warren Clarkson... the 144 year history of this farmstead and the life story of its builder Warren ClarksonBarnett, John, 1880-1963971.3535 Bar
A Scotch Moses : the life of Malcolm McKinnon, leader, pioneer, etc.McQuarrie, Bruce.929.20971 McKi
A Snelson family history and genealogy. 1991 supplementSnelson, Charles J. (Charles Jeoffry), 1922-1991929.20971 Sne
A veteran of 1837 : career of the late John Stewart of Paisley971.3533 Vet
Abbott, Aaron (c1782-1868) and James (c1779-1850) : sheep lost & found929.20971 ABBOT
Adam and Isabella Baird and their descendantsIngram, Elton.1980929.20971 Bai
Andrew Nelles : a new Canadian, 1798 : his life, ancestry and some of his descendantsMutrie, R. Robert (Ronald Robert), 1951-1993929.20971 Nel
Anthony Denike, 1804 1853Denike-Hamilton, Marilyn.929.20971 Den
Bertha Little scrapbookLine, Bertha Little971.3535 Lit
Bonesteel.Stuart, Carol Adams.2005929.20971 Bon
Brampton Doctors : the Heggies, including Carters and ElliottsHelleiner, Mary Burbidge.929.20971 Heg
Bushby : a family history bookMills, Eileen.1989929.20971 Bus
Calders of Churchville, Peel county, Ontario929.20971 Cald
Cascade's pioneer family, McLaughlin of Ontario, CanadaReed, Francis Kilburn929.20971 McLa
Charles HalesKitson, Vera K.929.20971 Hal
Collected research on the McBride family and the Kennedy family929.2 Col
County Antrim origins of some Nassagaweya familiesLynn, James H.1992929.20971 LYNN
Daniel and Mary (Lee) Johnson and their descendants in Canada and MichiganDenslow, Orriene Darriel First, 1935-1994929.20973 Joh
DarrochDarroch, Frank.1965929.20971 Dar
Daughters of the GlenStewart, Alexandra.929.209411 Ste
David Cordingley family from Wigan, Lancashire to Hornby, TrafalgarSparling, Marjorie Graham, 1918-1983929.20971 Cord
Descendants of Abraham Orth, 1773-1843 (son of Johann Henrich Orth): settled in Canada by 1801.Orth, Roger.929.20971Ort
Descendants of Alexander McLeish and Sarah Brown of Caledon township, Peel county : supplement #1 to ""A Beveridge-McLeish family history""McLeish, Edward A.929.20971 McLe
Descendants of Allan McKinnon and Mary McQuarrie : Caledon Twp., Peel County, n/o Isle of Mull.929.20971 McKi
Descendants of Asa and Sarah (Nichols) Hall from the early 1800's in what became Toronto Township, Peel County, Ontario, CanadaWard, G. Ann2010929.20971 Hal
Descendants of Charles Cameron, 1783-1867Large, Delphine.929.20971 Cam
Descendants of Henry Orth, 1777-1834 (son of Johann Henrich Orth): settled in Canada by 1801.Parr, Dorothy Orth.929.20971Ort
Descendants of Jacob Bonesteel Sr. (U.E.L.) and Christian WelchStuart, Carol Adams.929.20971 Bon
Descendants of Samuel and Sarah Rogers, Trafalgar township, Halton county, Ontario.Powell, Karen L.929.20971 Rog
Descendants of Symon DeForest (1739-1777) and Mary McGinness (1748-1808) of Upper CanadaCaverly, Paul2008929.20971 DeF
Descendants of the Moxley family of Waterloo county, Ontario, Canada, 1800-1970 : Moxley, Kinsey, DeKay, Benton, EbyDeKay, George P. (George Percy), 1938-1970929.20971 Mox
Descendants of Thomas Little (1822-1904) & wife Martha Beilby (1832-1907): Clinton, Ontario; Hullett townshipLittle, Robert.929.20971 Lit
Descendants of William Buffy (Chinguacousy twp)929.20971 Buf
Descendants of WIlliam Henry Patterson of Upper Canada, Peel county, OntarioEmrich, Oran R.929.20971 Patt
Devines of TrafalgarArchibald, Jacqueline929.20971 Dev
Diary of a Canadian country physician : Jonathan Woolverton, 1811-1883Roland, Charles G.610.92091734092 Rol
Dr. James Cobban, his wife Catherine Ann JarmyRichards, Kathleen M.929.20971 Cob
Eagles families of North AmericaEagles, Douglas Eaton, 1927-1982929.20971 Eag
Eminent women of Grey County1977920.7200713 Emi
Families: York and the home districtHancocks, George, editor929.1 Fam
Family history and memoirs of Benson A. Madill.Madill, Benson A.929.20971 Mad
Family of Joseph Orr 1804-1877, son of William Orr 1765-1849Sparling, Marjorie Graham, 1918-929.20971 Orr
Family of William Hamilton, 1819-1881: from Enniskillen, IrelandSparling, Marjorie Graham, 1918-929.20971 Ham
Forster, Moffitt, Monger, Merigold, Snider, Marlatt, Secord, Phenix : early settlers in Peel & Halton.McAdam, Raymond N.929.20971 Fors
From ""Wolf's Den"" to Huttonville and the pioneers who made it possible : circa 1800, and beyond1996971.3535 Fro
From southern Ireland to southern Ontario : an account of the Canadian descendants of John Switzer of Newpark, Kilcooly, County Tipperary, IrelandManning, Mary E., 1919-19981981929.20971 Swi
From the diaries of James M. Bussell : 1870, 1871 & 1873Bussell, James M.971.3535092 Bus
From unknown to known : the story of John Attridge's familyAttridge, John G. (John Garvin), 1941-2003929.20971 Att
Genealogical index of settlers & their families : from settlers forms held by Simcoe County Branch, Ontario Genealogical SocietyLumb, Steven.1989016.92920971317 Lum
Genealogical index to the Illustrated atlas of the County of Simcoe : (including Mono and Mulmur Townships) : by H. Belden & Co., Toronto, 1881 (Cumming's 1970 offset reprint with blue softcover)Walsh, Sally.1987929.371317 Wal
Genealogical index to the records of the Canada Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)1988929.371 Gen
Genealogical record of births, marriages and deaths in the Cleaver, Ramsey, Alton, Thomas, Winter, and McLaren, and all the branches of their families allied thereto by marriage and descent : from the year A.D. 1771 to the present date, 1911Ramsey, John, Jr.929.20971 Ram
George Robinson family history, 1830's-1980's.Peters, Reta Robinson.929.20971 Rob
Gordon-McKay family historyMcKay, Isobel Scott1995929.20971 McKa
Grafton/Tyler families of Peel929.20971 GRA
Great Scotts : descendants of William Scott c1806-1872 and Eleanor Barton 1810-1871, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, USA.Marette, Barbara J.929.20971 Sco
Hall family tree : descendants of Andrew Hall (1792-1869) and Isabella Oliver (1795-1872)929.20971 Hall
Halton's heritage : William Halton and Halton CountyMcDonald, John (John Robert)2011971.3533 MCDON
He was a Hessian : a study of some early German military settlers in Canada, 1783-1800, and the story of one of them, Johannes Leonhard KratzMerz, Johannes Helmut, 1924-1992971.024 Mer
Heaven family homes in Trafalgar township, Halton county, OntarioPullen, Peter F.929.20971 Hea
Henry families of Peel and Dufferin counties, one of the early families who settled in these countiesCaverly, Paul2009929.20971 Hen
History of Henry Wilson, 1813-1901.Arlow, Margaret.929.20971 Wil
History of McCracken familyMcCracken, Margaret.929.20971 McCr
History of the Jameson familyHenderson, Reginald929.20971 Jam
Hockley, Thomas, and his first wife Hannah Margaret Forster : with photographs taken at the Forster family picnic in 1928McAdam, Raymond N.929.20971 Hoc
Homesteads : early buildings and families from Kingston to TorontoMcBurney, Margaret.1979971.3502 McBu
Huguenot pedigreesLart, Charles Edmund.1967929.344 Lar
Hylands of TrafalgarArchibald, Jacqueline929.20971 Hyl
In his words : a biography of John Newton, an early settler in Esquesing and prominent businessman in Limehouse, OntarioSomerville, Jean 1929-2011971.353304092 NEWTO-S
In search of my Morley ancestorsWard, Doug, 1938-2007929.20971 Mor
In search of the Peels and the BradensPeel, Bruce Braden929.20971 Peel
In search of the red dragon: the Welsh in CanadaBennett, Carol971.0049 166 Ben
Index to Bertha Little scrapbook929.3713535 Index
Index to family names in ""Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte"".Flint, R. A. (R. Arless)1973929.371358 Fli
Information on the Hilts and Ackert families of Esquesing twp., Halton, Ontario.929.20971 Hilt
Irish family historyYurdan, Marilyn.1990929.10720415 Yur
Irish family names map arms and mediaeval locations.Johnston & Bacon.1970912.415 Joh
Irish-Palatine Smeltzers around the world ; plus, Early German Smelsers in CanadaSmeltzer-Stevenot, Marjorie.1987929.20971 Sme
Isaac Gilbert : United Empire Loyalist, pioneer of Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County, 1742-1822 : his descendantsWalker, Harriet.1981929.20971 Gil
Isabella Wilson and Robert Graham and their family929.20971 Grah
Ismond and May family notes.Taylor, Corlene.929.20971 Ism
Jackson kith & kin, 1776-1974 : descendants of John Jackson, 1776-1850 and Ann Dickson, 1779-1826, of Blairgowrie, Scotland, who came to Canada, 1832Bromley, Ada, 1896-1974929.20971 Jac
James and Elizabeth Baird and their descendantsIngram, Elton.1980929.20971 Bai
Jaynes and Pew Watkins.Jaynes, Ruth Watkins.929.20971 Jay
Jews resident in Ontario according to the 1851 to 1901 censuses of CanadaEker, Glen.2002929.30899240713 Eke
John and Mary Armstrong: family historyMininch, Dianne June929.20971 Arms
John Harvey Lawrence family reunion : Partridge Hill 16-17-18 August 2002, celebrating 100 years in AlbertaKirkwood, W. D.2002929.20971 Law
John Ramsay of Kildalton, J.P., M.P., D.L.; being an account of his life in Islay, and including the Diary of his trip to Canada in 1870.Ramsay, Freda.1968917.13 Ram
John Robert Kennedy: a family historyKennedy, Arthur P.929.20971 Ken
John Smith of Trafalgar township, Halton countyAbram, Doris N.929.20971 Smi
Jonas Wood, U.E.L.Hoople, Elizabeth.1984929.20971 Woo
Journey into the past: research on the Coates family of Wensleydale, YorkshireHeard, Jean.929.20971 Coat
Kenney / Shain - Shain / Kenney - Shain / Kenney - Kenney / Shain : additional background for The Sniders: and other pioneer families in Trafalgar TownshipMcAdam, Raymond N.929.20971 Ken
Kidd family historyKidd, Marjorie929.20971 Kid
Kirkwoods : a genealogical study including Macdonalds, WIlkinsons, Paulters & Hennings, Smiths & WildmansVan Sickle, Mary Ann Kirkwood.929.20971 Kir
Lemery family history / by Patricia (Lemery) White.White, Patricia929.20971 Lem
Life of Colonel Talbot and the Talbot SettlementErmatinger, Edward971.336 Erm
Life was good for the Whitfields of early CavanMinson, Carol Dexter929.20971 Whi
Lists of some Irish gentry, ca 1698, found in "The history of the life & reign of William-Henry", published in Dublin 1749.1749929.3415 Lis
Little family genealogy : the beginning of my family in Canada, John Little (1806-1882)Little, Robert W.929.20971 Lit
London Township pioneers, including a few families from adjoining areasRosser, Frederick T.1975920.071326 Ros
Loyalist families of the Grand River Branch, United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada.1991971.336 Loy
Loyalist lineages of Canada, 1783-19831984929.2 0971 Loy
Loyalist lists : over 2000 Loyalist names and families from the Haldimand papersFitzgerald, E. Keith.1984929.3713 Fit
Mabinogi an Clem : the story of the children of ClemClimo, Frederic Hedley Barker, 1910-1975929.20971 Cle
Mac-an-Eanaigh : the son of the deanMcEnaney, Vincent Xavier, 1901-1974929.20971 McEn
Margaret: the life of Margaret Longworth McLaughlin.Reed, Francis Kilburn929.20971 McLa
Mariah Travis' account book.Travis, Mariah, 1817-1922.929.3713533 Trav
McCartens of TrafalgarArchibald, Jacqueline929.20971 McCar
McConvilles of TrafalgarArchibald, Jacqueline929.20971 McCo
McEwen family historyClarkson, Ross W.929.20971 McEw
Memoirs and reflections of Benson A. Madill, vol. 2.Madill, Benson A.929.20971 Mad
Milton area biographiesCooke, Alex S.1995971.35330922 Coo
Ministerial record of Reverend Robert Barnes Beynon, July, 1896-December, 1940 : nominal indexGallinger, Patricia C. (Patricia Candace), 1952-929.3713 Gal
Modified register for Thomas J. Copeland, modified register for John Bedding, modified register for William McClintock2011929.3713 MOD
Moffat historyMcMillan, Don2008971.3533 McM
Monger, Benjamin; Merigold Thomas: pioneer settlers in Toronto townshipMcAdam, Raymond N.929.20971 Mong
Mustards of North AmericaHunt, Catherine Agnes Mustard, 1927-1980929.20971 Mus
My thoughts were on the land : autobiography of Fred Clement, Virgil, Ontario (1884- )Clement, Frederick Moore, 1884-1969630.71 Cle
Nathan Fellowes Dupuis : professor and clockmaker of Queen's University and his familyVarkaris, Jane, 1928-1980929.20971 Dup
Newell family history: the descendants of James Newell and Martha Sumeral (Sumerville) of Armagh County, Ireland 1805-1931 in Elgin County, Ontario, CanadaNewell, Henry N929.20971 New
Notes from Thomas Thompson diary: farmer from Tullamore, 1883-1900929.3713533 Tho
Notes on the Church family of Churchville, Ont.929.20971 Chu
Notes on the UEL family of Biggar, from Northern Ireland to New Jersey in 1730, later to Niagara and HaltonGannon, Dennis L.929.20971 Big
Numbering the survivors : a history of the Standish family of Ireland, Ontario and AlbertaHouston, J. Richard (John Richard)1979929.20971 Sta
O'Connors of TrafalgarArchibald, Jacqueline929.20971 Oco
O'Haras of TrafalgarArchibald, Jacqueline929.20971 Oha
One corner of the world : the Thomas and Elizabeth (Allen) Corner family in Upper Canada/Canada West, 1806-1858De Wolfe, Harriet (Wahlstrand)2011929.20971 Dew
Ontarian families; genealogies of united empire loyalist and other pioneer families of Upper CanadaChadwick, Edward Marion929.20971 Cha
Ontario people, 1796-1803Fitzgerald, E. Keith.1993929.3713 Fit
Our Ansley familyDavidson, Harold Ansley.1933929.20973 Ans
Our Duff family history, 1800-1804Duff, James McEwen.929.20971 Duff
Our family heritageYoung, G. MacDonald.929.20971 You
Our family tree: the St. John'sCook, Della F.929.20971 Saint
Our Hagyards : the descendants of Thomas Haukyearde of Yorkshire, EnglandBryans, John T.929.20971 Hag
Papst FamilyMacDonald, Molly Anne.929.20971 Pap
Peacock family : William and Harriet Peacock and their descendents (Halton Co.)Peacock, Harry.929.20971 Pea
Pearson, Henry Sr. of Brampton, descendants as of July 5/97Pearson, Laurie929.20971 Pear
Pedigrees of the Van Fleets and the PickardsVan Fleet, Jack929.20971 VanF
Peel land occupants in 1859 as taken from Tremaine's map of the County of Peel, Canada West, published by G.R. & G.M. Tremaine, 18591999929.3713535 Peel
People make places : the story of the Irish PalatinesO'Connor, Patrick J., Dr.1989941.500431 Oco
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Presbyterian register of Rev. Robert James McDowall, 1800-1841 : missionary to Upper Canada.McDowall, Robert James.929.3713 McDo
ProvinsProvins, Joan C.929.20971 Pro
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Register of one name studies, 19901992929.102541 Reg
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Sarah's storyHopper, Barbara929.20971 McGu
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Shortreed.Jackson, Elaine P. Campbell.929.20971 Sho
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Street family connections : a history and genealogyMason, Elizabeth Street.1996929.20973 Str
Street, the man, the family, the villageManning, Mary E., 1919-19981996929.20971 Str
Supplement to Some descendants of Jere T. Kentner of BallinafadKentner Lawson, Irene.1999929.20971 Ken
TeetzelRosembaum, Clara929.20971 Tee
The Adams saga continues: a continuation of the genealogical history of Robert Adams of Newbury, Massasschusetts U.S.A. : 1200 a.d. in England to 2001 a.d. in CanadaAdams, David Cameron.929.20971 Ada
The Adamsons of the Credit River Valley, 1820-1991.929.20971 Ada
The Albertsons : early settlers in Trafalgar townshipMcAdam, Raymond N.929.20971 Alb
The Aldersons of Westmorland, England and Ontario, Canada : the descendants of Christopher AldersonAlderson, Terrance J.2000929.20971 Ald
The Aldridge family treeAldridge, Margaret.929.20971 Ald
The Allen, Barnes, Bates, Beeghly (U.S., Germany) ... : ancestry of Richard Keith Slaymaker.Slaymaker, Susan Clark, 1943-1989929.20973 Sla
The Atkinson family of Admaston Township : the family of James Atkinson and Sarah Elleray, 1797-2000Friedman, Lynn, 1954-2001929.20971 Atk
The bands played on : music and the Frank familySomerville, Jean, 1929-1995929.20971 Fra
The Bouvettes : a bit of British Columbia's pioneering history : featuring Frank Bouvette and his family of Okanagan ValleyBouvette, Wilfred S.1980929.20971 Bou
The Brett familyTober, Glennis929.20971 Bret
The Chisholms of ErchlessAhern, Frances Robin929.20971 Chis
The Cooks : our family treeCook, Della F.929.20971 Cook
The Crawfords of Peel county: Port Credit & Brampton.Crawford, Gail.929.20971 Cra
The descendants of Benajah Williams of New York State and of Lincoln Co. and Esquesing Tp., U.C. by his two wivesDobson, John Blythe929.20971 Wil
The descendants of George and Elizabeth Armstrong, from County Tyrone, Ireland to Peel and Grey counties, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 Arm
The descendants of James Forster : Peel-Halton pioneerForster, Ralph Wallace929.20971 For
The descendants of James Kerr and Ann McKnight, from County Fermanagh, Ireland to Peel and Grey counties, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 Ker
The descendants of James McKnight and Ann Colwell, from County Fermanagh, Ireland to Peel, Grey and Wellington counties, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 McKn
The descendants of John Anderson, from County Fermanagh, Ireland to Peel county, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 And
The descendants of Robert Dobson, 1818-1907, Uxbridge, Ontario.Dobson, Earle Francis.929.20971 Dob
The descendants of Robert Ovens and Elizabeth Dickson, from County Fermanagh, Ireland to Peel county, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 Ove
The descendants of William Brown and Mary Kyle, from Ireland to Peel and Grey counties, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 Brow
The descendants of William Isaacs and Jane Nixon, from County Tyrone, Ireland to Peel and Grey counties, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 Isa
The descendants of William Judge and Sarah Beatty, from County Cavan, Ireland to Peel and Grey counties, OntarioPackham, Joanne929.20971 Jud
The descendents of William Gordon born in County Armagh, Ireland, 1785-1860Gordon, Elizabeth M., 1910-1977929.20971 Gor
The Dewar family : 1798 to the present from North Perthshire, Scotland to Ontario, CanadaDavidson, Mary E.929.20971 Dew
The Early connection : a genealogy report of the descendants of William Early & Nancy Young - Thomas Early & Rebecca NixonRiley, Sarah Early.1988929.20971 Ear
The Egan clan929.20971 Egan
The Elgie Family.MacDonald, Molly Anne.929.20971 Elg
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The Fred Forster family, Snider's Corners, Trafalgar township : a history of the early residents in this Ninth Line farmhouse.McAdam, Raymond Newton929.20971 For
The genealogy of the Stratton, Cornwall branch of the Carthew family2012929.20971 CAR
The Grafton family connection, part two929.20971 Graft
The Heards of ChittlehamholtHeard, Clare.1974929.20971 Hea
The Hessians of Nova ScotiaMerz, Johannes Helmut, 1924-1994929.3716 Mer
The historical genealogy of the Rutherfords and the Dills of County Donegal, IrelandRutherford, A.E.W.929.20971 Ruth
The Hoffman photo index, vol. 1, Spring 1998Hoffman, Frances770.016 Hof
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The Hustler Family, 1783-19791783929.20971 Hus
The Huttons of ""Bonnie Braes""Hutton, Lyle, B.A., M.D.1984929.20971 Hut
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The John Mordue genealogyBrooks, Edna Jean.929.20971 Mor
The Joseph (Kidd) Allison familyAllison, Audrey E.929.20971 All
The Kaiser families of the County of York, Ontario.Kaiser, Thomas Erlin, 1863-1940.1931929.20971 Kai
The Kromparts : some of our ancestors929.20971 Kro
The laird of WoodhillDyer, Ariel M., 1912-1983929.20971 Fer
The Legacy : an early history of the Sloanes and WhitesSloane, R. Douglas.929.20971 Slo
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The Loyalists of the Eastern Townships of Quebec971.4 Loy
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The Massey family, 1591-1961Nicholson, Marian Massey, 1902-1961OVERSIZE 929.20971 Mass
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The McCabe list : early Irish in the Ottawa ValleyElliott, Bruce S.1991929.3089916207138 Ell
The McEnaneys from the CataractMcEnaney, Vincent Xavier, 1901-1976929.20971 McEn
The McNally family : part IV of the Belch-Blaney-MacTavish-McNally connectionBlaney, J. Eric.1986929.20971 McNal
The memoirs of Ruth RobertsRoberts, Ruth Evelyn971.354092 Rob
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The Picketts of Lowville and points east, south and west : a genealogy study of the Pickett family that first arrived in the Americas in 1648Scott, John R.929.20971 Pic
The Plummers of Co. Wexford, Ireland and Ontario, CanadaFice, Sandy.929.20971 Plu
The Reeves of Hurontario, Peel county.Crawford, Gail.929.20971 Ree
The Roadhouse family.Dickey, Gary Alan.929.20971 Roa
The Rockside pioneersCrichton, Robert, 1839-1923.1977971.3533 Cri
The Royal House of Stuart : the descendants of King James VI of Scotland, James I of EnglandAddington, Arthur Charles.1969OVERSIZE 929.7 Add
The Royal House of Stuart : the descendants of King James VI of Scotland, James I of EnglandAddington, Arthur Charles.1969OVERSIZE 929.72 Add
The Simpson family of Meadowvale, Peel county.Crawford, Gail.929.20971 Sim
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The Sniders: and other pioneer families in Trafalgar townshipMcAdam, Raymond N.929.20971 Sni
The Sowden saga: 1700-1969.Sowden, Rosa Hildegard.929.20971 Sow
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The Stewarts : the Highland branches of a royal nameStewart, John, of Ardvorlich.1993929.209411 Ste
The story of the Ackerts : Peter and Catherine and their descendants (1793-1993) : from the Palatines.Ackert, Anne S.929.20971 Ack
The Taylor family history : with illustrations, 1818-1988Taylor, Celia R.929.20971 Tay
The Timothy Egans of Osceola, 1840-1987.Appleby, Dalton.929.20971 Ega
The Tipperary Websters : some of whom settled near Lucknow, OntarioLobb, Jean.1980929.20971 Web
The Ukrainian Canadians : a historyMarunchak, MykhaiÌ?lo H., 1914-1970301.45191791071 Mar
The Ukrainians in CanadaVoiÌ?tsenko, Olʹha.1968301.45191791071 Woy
The Vivian family.929.20971 Viv
The William and Mary Fletcher family in the new world, 1828-1995929.20971 Fle
The William Cunningham family, Hornby/Trafalgar townshipsBlair, John929.20971 Cunn
The Willits families of Upper Canada : and their descendants, with other kin of Daniel Eugene WillitsWillits, George D. (George Donald), 1931-1993929.20971 Wil
The Wilson family929.20971 Wil
The Wrights : a genealogical study of the first settlers in Canada's National Capital RegionEvans, Patrick M. O.1975929.20971 Wri
The yellow briar : a story of the Irish on the Canadian countrysideMitchell, John, 1882-1951.1951819.32 Mit
Thomas Kennedy Lowry, Isabella Moody: ancestors and descendantsWilliams, Margaret Lowry.929.20971 Low
Thompson familyAbram, Doris N.929.20971 Thom
Thompson family, lot 34, conc. 3, SDS - Toronto twp., Peel county.Green, Ernest929.20971 Tho
Three families of Halton-Peel : a family historySmith, Bev Thompson2010929.20971 Smi
Thrilling experiences of the late John Stewart, of Paisley, a MacKenzie ""Rebel""971.3533 Thr
Tom Kennedy's storyKennedy, Thomas Laird, 1878-1959.1960971.303092 Kenne
Town line Sparlings : sons of George Sparling of Ireland, 1827-1956Sparling, Marjorie Graham, 1918-1979929.20971 Spa
Trafalgar Road : the story of the Clink and connected families along Trafalgar Road in western OntarioClink, W. L.1985929.20971 Cli
Tweedsmuir history of Streetsville2008971.3535 Twe
Tweedsmuir history of Streetsville. Volume II-19652010971.3535 Twe
Tweedsmuir history of Streetsville. Volume III-19742010971.3535 Twe
Upper Canada sons and daughters of United Empire LoyalistsLivingston, Mildred R. (Mildred Ruth), 1918-1981929.2713 Liv
Weaver families of the Mohawk and St. Lawrence River ValleysNicolls, Aline F. Weaver.1987929.20971 Wea
Welsh family history : a guide to research1993929.10720429 Wel
Who's who in heritage in Hamilton-Wentworth.1989971.352 Who
Who's who in Ontario : a biographical record of the men and women of our time, 1995-1999.1995920.0713 Who
Willem Nolles : ancestor of the Nelles and Nellis families of North AmericaMutrie, R. Robert (Ronald Robert), 1951-929.20971 Nol
William and John Little : County Sligo, Ireland to Chinguacousy township, Peel county, 1831Davis, Elva.929.20971 Litt
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William Henry Sparling : uncle of the Townline Sparlings, 1781-1847Sparling, Marjorie Graham, 1918-929.20971 Spa
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How do I prove it?Christensen, Penelope2000929.1072071 Chr
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Reading old handwritingMcLaughlin, Eve.1996421.1 McLa
Reference sources for Canadian genealogy1995016.9291072071 Ref
Remember when...; a collection of pictures, a collection of memoriesTrimble, Berniece971.3535 Tri
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Tracing your ancestors in the Public Record OfficeCox, Jane, 1947-1990929.1072041 Cox
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Writing the family narrativeGouldrup, Lawrence P.1987808.066929 Gou
Your English ancestry : a guide for North AmericansIrvine, Sherry.1998929.1072042 Irv
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Whiskey & wickedness : Halton County, 1815-1875, City of Hamilton, 1815-1847Cotton, Larry D.2012971.35 COT
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
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A history of the Irish settlers in North America, from the earliest period to the census of 1850McGee, Thomas D'Arcy, 1825-1868.1989971.0049162 McGe
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An account of the Pennsylvania German pioneers, the voyage across the ocean, and the hardships of early survival.971.024 Acc
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They came in ships : a guide to finding your immigrant ancestor's arrival recordColletta, John Philip1993929.1072073 Col
Those enterprising Pennsylvania Germans.1995971.34400431 Tho
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
A compilation of things naval and military.1985929.371 Com
A soldier's view : the personal photographs of Canadians at war, 1939-1945Heathcote, Blake.2005940.530222 Hea
Bones : a record of the discovery and repatriation of U.S. soldiers of 1812 at Fort Erie, Ontario.971.338 Bon
For those who served : World War I, 1914-1918, World War II, 1939-1945Hesp, Murray2002305.906970971 Hes
Index to Canadian service records of the South African War (1899-1902) held at the National Archives of Canada.1999929.371 Ind
Invasion diary : the diary of Richard W. Brown with R.C.A.F.'s 127th Wing, 1944-1945Brown, Richard W. (Richard William), 1917-1994940.544971092 Bro
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York County men & women who gave their lives in World War IJolly, Norman, 1923-1996929.371354 Jol
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
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More notices from Methodist Papers 1830-1857McKenzie, Donald A.929.3713 McKe
More notices from Ontario's Methodist papers, 1858-1872McKenzie, Donald A.1993929.3713 McKe
Norfolk newspaper records pre-1860 and the Christian Observer1979929.371336 Norf
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The booster.1938071.3535 Str
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The Streetsville Review, an index 1910-1918Beettam, Margaret.1996929.2713535 Bee
The Streetsville Review, an index 1920-1930 plus 6 additional issuesBeettam, Margaret.1996929.2713535 Bee
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The Weekly.1938071.3535 Wee
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
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Index to the Ontario Genealogical Society's Families. Volume II, 1998-2006 : selected subjectsReid, Roger William Gaffield, 1932-2007016.9293713 Rei
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Strays! : an index to the OGS Strays Project.1996929.3713 Stra
Strays! : married name index to volumes I to III of the OGS Strays Project1999929.3713 Stra
Strays! an index to the OGS Strays Project2008929.3713 Str
SyllabusOntario Genealogical Society. Seminar.929.371305 Ont
The best of the branches : a selected collection of articles from recent OGS branch newsletters. Vol. 12008929.10720713 Bes
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
150 years : Oakville 1857-2007.971.3533 One
A history and atlas of the county of Halton.1970971.3533 His
A history of early Nova ScotiaMcCreath, Peter L.1982971.601 McCr
A history of Peel County to mark its centenary as a separate county, 1867-1967OVERSIZE 971.3535 His
A history of Simcoe CountyHunter, Andrew Frederick, 1863-1940.1948971.317 Hun
A history of StreetsvilleManning, Mary E., 1919-1998971.3535 Man
A history of StreetsvilleManning, Mary E., 1919-19982008971.3535 Man
A short history of electricity in Oakville, 1907-1982971.3533 Oakv
A village library : the story of the Streetsville Library, 1854-1959Manning, Mary E., 1919-19981959027.4713535 Man
Acton : the history of LeathertownRowe, John Mark Benbow.2002971.3533 Row
Acton's early days : recollection of "The Old Man"Dills, George Arlof, 1893-1939971.3533 Dil
AdjalaMcDevitt, Francis V., 1954-1993971.317 McD
African hope renewed : along the Grand River (1400's - 1800's)Files, Angela E. M.2004971.00496 Fil
Alton, a pictorial historyBeaumont, Ralph971.3535 Bea
--and they came to East Flamborough : a celebration of East Flamborough Township's pre-Confederation heritageWray, Sylvia.1997971.352 Wra
Answering the call : a history of firefighting in the Town of CaledonAllengame-Kuster, Diane, 1960-2004363.37809713535 All
Apple blossoms and satellite dishes : celebrating the golden jubilee of Applewood AcresCook, Dave, 1942-2004971.3535 Coo
Assessments, Township of Windham, 1809 & 1826.1975929.371336 Asse
At home in Newmarket971.354 Ath
At the mouth of the CreditClarkson, Betty.1977971.3535 Cla
Belfountain and the Tubtown pioneersWhiteside, Margaret.1975971.3535 Whi
Bicentennial directory of Glen WilliamsRowe, John Mark Benbow.1984917.13533 Row
Black Creek Pioneer VillageDuncan, Dorothy, 1927-1980971.3541 Dun
Bolton school daysHesp, Murray.1969371.0109713535 Hes
Brampton business directory917.13535025 Bra
Brampton firefighters : 140 years of dedicated service 1853-1993Cooper, Russ363.37809713535 Coo
Buldings of HaltonLarke, John.917.3533 Lar
Burlington : memories of pioneer daysTurcotte, Dorothy, 1929-1989971.3533 Tur
Burlington, Ontario : who we are, where we've been, and where we're goingReynolds, John Lawrence.1984971.3533 Rey
Cape Breton ships and menParker, John P. (John Primrose), 1907-1980.1980623.820097169 Par
Cataract and the forks of the Credit; a pictorial historyBeaumont, Ralph971.3535 Bea
Celebrating 150 years, 1853-2003 : City of Brampton sesquicentennial commemorative publication.OVERSIZE 971.3535 Cel
Centennial edition of a history of the electoral districts, legislatures and ministries of the Province of Ontario 1867-1968324.971309 Cen
Centennial, 1854-1954 : the County of Wellington.1954971.34203 Cen
Cheltenham : a Credit Valley mill townNelles, Frank, 1942- .1975971.3535 Nel
Childhood memories of the farm at Snider's CornersMcAdam, Jessie Forster.929.20971 McAd
Church life in Grey countyKell, J. A. C., 1897-1972277.1318 Kel
Collected maps : Toronto, York, Pennsylvania.912.7 Col
Cook's history of InglewoodCook, William E971.3535 Coo
Cooksville : country to cityHicks, Kathleen A.2005971.3535 Hic
Cooksville : do you remember : a collection of memoriesDuff, Harry Grenville1995971.3535 Duf
County maps of Ireland.912.415 Cou
County of Wellington, south portion county seat-Guelph1979911.71352 Cou
Cultural heritage study of the town of Caledon971.3535 Cul
Directory of Brampton, 1873-4 : being a reprint of the section dealing with Brampton taken from the Directory of the County of Peel for 1873-4Lynch, John.1973917.13535 Lyn
Directory of the city of Detroit : with its environs, and register of Michigan, for the year 1837Maccabe, Julius P. Bolivar.1837917.7434025 Mac
Dixie Burnhamthorpe reunion : June 12, 1976971.3535 Dix
Down in the Glen : sketches from the history of Glen WilliamsRuggle, Richard, 1941-1978971.3533 Rug
Early history of the township of ErinMcMillan, C. J.1974971.3535 McMi
Early Loyalist Saint John : the origin of New Brunswick politics, 1783-1786Bell, D. G. (David Graham), 1953-1983971.532 Bel
Early maps of New York state.OVERSIZE 912.747 Ear
East Gwillimbury in the nineteenth century : a centennial history of the township of East GwillimburyRolling, Gladys M.1966971.3547 Rol
East Nissouri township : 10 cemeteriesGardhouse, Eleanor.1981929.50971346 Gar
Ebenezer Cemetery, Miliken, Ontario : lot 1, concession 6, Town of Markham, Ontario.1988929.50971354 Ebe
Erindale at the crook of the CreditAdamson, Jean, 1920-1978971.3535 Ada 1978
Etobicoke - from furrow to boroughHeyes, Esther971.3541 Hey
Exploring Toronto1973917.13541 Exp
From this year hence; a history of the township of Toronto Gore, 1818-1967Tavender, George S.971.3535 Tav
Ghost towns of OntarioBrown, Ron, 1945-1983971.303 Bro
Glen Williams on the Credit RiverRowe, John Mark Benbow.1993971.3533 Row
Guelph and Wellington County : a bibliography of settlement and development since 1800Bloomfield, Elizabeth.1988016.971342 Blo
Halton County : the 1890 farmers directoryPhillips, Glen C.929.3713533 Phi
Halton sketchesMcDonald, John (John Robert)1976971.3533 McD
Halton sketches revisited : historical tales of people and events in North Halton.McDonald, John (John Robert)2003971.3533 McD
Harbour lights : Burlington BayWeeks-Mifflin, Mary, 1951-1989386.80971352 Wee
Haunted MississaugaBoyle, Terry133.109713535 Boy
Historic Guelph : the royal city.1961971.343005 His
Historic homes and buildings of Milton. Volume IIWaldie, Marsha, 1948-2000917.13533 Wal
Historic homes of MiltonCharlton, Jack, 1914-1991917.13533 Wal
Historical atlas of the County of Wellington, 1906OVERSIZE 911.71342 His
Historical glimpses of Lennox and Addington County1964971.359 His
Historical highlights of Wellington CountyMack, Hazel.1956971.342 Mac
Historical map of ScotlandBullock, L. G.1985912.411 Bul
Historical sketch of the town of Barrie : prepared for the occasion of laying the memorial stone of the new post office, customs house and post office inspector's officesLangevin, Hector, Sir, 1826-1906.1978971.317 Lan
History & heritage of Binbrook : with pictures and family histories1979971.352 His
History of Eden Mills and vicinityMack, Hazel.1954971.342 Mac
History of the counties Argenteuil, Quebec, Prescott, OntarioThomas, C. (Cyrus), 1836-19081981971.423 Tho
History of the County of Perth from 1825 to 1902Johnston, William971.323 Joh 1976
History of the Darlington Nuclear Generating Site and its original settlersEves, Kevin.971.356 Eve
History of the schools of St. Vincent Township and other chronicles, 1847-19671970371.010971317 His
History of WestonCruickshank, F.D. (Frederick David)1983971.354 CRU
Illustrated atlas of the County of SimcoeOVERSIZE 912.71317 Ill
Illustrated historical atlas of the County of Halton, 1877OVERSIZE 911.713533 Ill
Illustrated historical atlas of the County of Ontario, 1877OVERSIZE 911.71355 Ill
Illustrated historical atlas of the County of Peel2000911.713535 Ill
Illustrated historical atlas of the County of Peel, OntarioPope, J. H911.713535 Pop
Illustrated historical atlas of the County of Wentworth, 1875OVERSIZE 911.71352 Ill
In the footsteps of the MississaugasGibson, Marian M., 1937-2006971.30049733 Gib
Index to land settlement in Thunder Bay DistrictGunnell, Art, 1924-2005929.371312 Gun
Index to the original survey plans of Toronto township, Toronto Gore, Albion township, Caledon township and Chinguacousy township.929.3713535 Ind
Inn-roads to ancestry : pioneer inns of Ontario1996647.94713 Inn
Inns and hotels of Streetsville 1824-1924Manning, Mary E., 1919-1998971.3535 Man
Jottings about Pleasant HarbourBorgal, D.N.1993971.6225 Bor
Journey to the past : the lost villages of Mississauga2010971.3535 Jou
Kingston and the loyalists of the ""spring fleet"" of 1783 with reminiscences of early days in ConnecticutBates, Walter, 1760-1842.1980971.541 Bat
Lakeview : more than just landWeeks, Verna Mae, 1919-1990971.3535 Wee
Let's celebrate : Nottawasaga's sesquicentennial and Ontario's bicentennial.1984971.317 Let
Let's reminisce about Nottawasaga : the outburst of the Iroquois.1981971.317 Let
Life on the old plank road : highway 88Ellis, Bernice Merrick, 1912-1984971.317 Ell
Like family : an illustrated history of Georgetown and District Memorial HospitalDuval, Janet, 1948-1998362.1109713533 Duv
Llyndinshire--London Township.Lewis, Jennie Raycraft, 1899-1967971.326 Lew
Local histories of Ontario municipalities 1977-1987 : a bibliography with representative cross-Canada location of copiesAitken, Barbara B.1989016.9713 Ait
Local histories of Ontario municipalities, 1951-1977 : a bibliography with representative Trans-Canada locations of copiesAitken, Barbara B., 1938-1978016.9713 Ait
Local histories of Ontario municipalities, 1987-1997 : a bibliography, with representative cross-Canada locations of copiesAitken, Barbara B., 1938-1999016.9713 Ait
Local histories of Ontario municipalities, 1997-2007 : a bibliographyAitken, Barbara B., 1938-2009016.9713 Ait
Looking for old Ontario : two centuries of landscape changeMcIlwraith, Thomas F.1997304.209713 McIl
Lost names and places of Eastern Ontario : previous names of places and the names of abandoned places in the geographical counties of Carleton, Dundas, Frontenac, Glengarry, Grenville, Lanark, Leeds, Lennox and Addington, Prescott, Renfrew, Russell, StormRayburn, Alan1993917.13 Ray
Making adjustments : change and continuity in Planter Nova Scotia, 1759-18001991971.600413 Mak
Markham, Ontario census indexes, 1851-1881Hope, Louise.1991929.3713547 Hop
Meadowvale : mills to millenniumHicks, Kathleen A.2004971.3535 Hic
Meadowvale and ChurchvilleCook, William E971.3535 Coo
Might's Brampton, Ontario city directory.1973917.13535 Mig
Might's Oakville directory.1962917.13533 Mig
Might's Oakville Ontario city directory.1971917.13533 Mig
Milton : the early days971.3533 Mil
Milton : welcome to our townCook, William E.1977971.3533 Coo
Milton pages from various Canadian directories, 1851-1904929.3713533 Mil
Milton streets : the stories behind the villages, hamlets, neighbourhoods and roadsChallinor, John, 1955-2007971.3533 Cha
Minutes and by-laws of the Corporation of the Municipal Council of the Township of Caledon.Caledon, Ont. Municipal Council.342.9713535 Cal
Mississauga : an illustrated historyRiendeau, Roger E., 1950-1985971.3535 Rie
Mississauga : places in time1997971.3535 Mis
Mississauga's heritage: the formative years 1798-1879971.3535 Mis
Mississaugas of the New Credit, First NationSault, Margaret A.971.30049733 Sau
Moments in history : reflections of Halton's county town 1833-1864Dills, Jim1993971.3533 Mom
Monty Leigh remembers : early days in Oro Township and OrilliaLeigh, Monty, 1894-1978.1983971.317092 Lei
More pioneer hamlets of York1985971.35400431 Mor
My villages of MississaugaWeeks, Verna Mae, 1919-1986971.3535 Wee
Naming Canada : stories about place names from Canadian geographicRayburn, Alan1994917.10014 Ray
Nassagaweya : a history of Campbellville and surrounding area : its land and people.1982971.3533 Nas
Nassagaweya : as remembered through the pages of the Nassagaweya News.1985971.3533 Nas
Nassagaweya centennial, 1850-1950 : an historical volume of Nassagaweya Township in Halton County, published by the Township Council and including the early history of NassagaweyaNassagaweya Township, Ont. Council.1949971.3533 Nas
New Credit Indian Mission Cooksville Methodist Circuit.929.3713535 New
Newport, Nova Scotia, a Rhode Island townshipDuncanson, John V. (John Victor), 1918-1985971.635 Dun
Norval history, 1820-1950Carter, Joan.971.3533 Car
Norval on the Credit RiverRuggle, Richard1973971.3533 Rug
Oakville : a small town, 1900-1930Ahern, Frances Robin, 1904-1981971.3533 Ahe
Oakville and the sixteen : the history of an Ontario portMathews, Hazel Chisholm, 1897-1956971.3533 Mat
Oakville street names & landmarksAshe, David971.3533 Ash
Oakville, a place of some importanceMcKeon, Clare.1986971.3533 McK
Old Oakville : a character study of the town's early buildings and of the men who built themPeacock, David, 1938-1979971.3533 Pea
On the back roadsReimer, Arthur.1970912.713 Rei
Our community history : Drumquin, Omagh971.3533 Our
Peel County : the 1890 farmers directoryPhillips, Glen C.929.3713535 Phi
Philips' 19th century county atlas of IrelandBartholomew, John, 1831-1893.1984911.415 Bar
Pigot & Co.'s British atlas, comprising the counties of England : (upon which are laid down all railways completed and in progress) : with large sheet map of England and Wales, and a circular one of the country round London : the whole engraved on steel p1990OVERSIZE 912.42 Pig
Pioneer days of the Bruce PeninsulaHilditch, Jack.1982971.321 Hil
Pioneer hamlets of York1977971.35400431 Pio
Pioneering in North York; a history of the boroughHart, Patricia W971.354 Har
Pioneers of Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, 1798-1816 : muster rolls, list of settlers, assessments 1798-1816.1977929.371336 Pio
Pioneers of the DonSauriol, Charles, 1904-1995971.3541 Sau
Place names of OntarioRayburn, Alan.1997917.13003 Ray
Place names of Peel : past & presentRoulston, Pauline J.1978917.13535003 Rou
Places and people on Bronte CreekTurcotte, Dorothy, 1929-1993971.352 Tur
Province of Ontario gazetteer and directory : containing concise descriptions of cities, towns and villages in the province :with the names of professional and business men and principal inhabitants ... and a large amount of other general, varied and usef1869917.13003 Pro
Remember the Brant InnTurcotte, Dorothy, 1929-1990647.94713 Tur
Remembering Trafalgar townshipBlair, Ruth.971.3533 Blai
Revisiting history : view 28 significant historical sities with this self-guided walking tour.2010971.3535 Rev
Road atlas of Great Britain, fifth-inch to mileJohn Bartholomew and Son.1961912.41 Joh
Selected letters from the files of the Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names on post offices names in Halton and Peel Counties, submitted to James White, Chief Geographer of Canada in 1905 and 1906.971.353 Sel
Settling the hills : historical reflections, Caledon East and District.2000971.3535 Set
Seven Sundays : the continuing legacy of the pioneers of Oakville & Burlington along Dundas StreetWinkler, Julika971.3533 Wink
Smith's Funeral Homes celebrating 75 years of Burlington1988971.3533 SMI
Southern OntarioOntario. Ministry of Treasury, Economics and Intergovernmental Affairs. Economic Development Branch.1977911.713 Ont
Steam trains through OrangevilleMcKitrick, A. M.1976385.0971341 McKi
Streets, parishes and wards of the city of LondonWebb, Cliff.929.342 Web
Streetsville : from Timothy to HazelHicks, Kathleen A.2008971.3535 Hic
Streetsville Historical Society papers1983971.3535 Stre
Tales of the Twenty1979971.33800431 Tal
Terra Cotta; a capsule historyZatyko, Mary971.3535 Zat
The 75th annual Caledon township fair, 1937971.3535 Sev
The ancestor trail in Ireland : a companion guideBegley, Donal F.1982929.10720415 Beg
The Armagh county museum records : an interesting and under-used sourceWilliams, Margaret L.929.3415 Wil
The Barber Dynamo : a perspectiveFilter, Reinhard, 1949-2012621.3132 FIL
The City of Toronto and the home district commercial directory and register with almanack and calendar for 1837 : being first after leap year and the eight year of the reign of His Majesty King William the Fourth.Walton, George.1987917.35410025 Wal
The garden of Canada; Burlington, Oakville and districtCraig, Martha971.303 Cra
The history of Malton1981971.3535 His
The history of the County of Bruce, and of the minor municipalities therein : Province of Ontario, CanadaRobertson, Norman, 1845-1960971.321 Rob
The history of the township of Brant, 1854-19791979971.321 His
The last stop : Ontario's heritage railway stationsBrown, Ron, 1945-2002385.31409713 Bro
The mini atlas of early settlers in the district of NiagaraTaylor, Corlene, 1928-1983911.71338 Tay
The Ottawa country : a historical guide to the National Capital RegionBond, Courtney C. J.1968917.1384 Bon
The Regional Municipality of Halton, administrative seat--Burlington1974911.713533 Reg
The Regional Municipality of Peel, administrative seat--Bramalea1974911.713535 Reg
The road to Boston MillsFilby, James.1976971.3535 Fil
The Sixteen Hollow : Oakville's vanished villageBourke, Judith971.3533 Bou
The story of Bronte HarbourBrimacombe, Philip386.809713533 Bri
The story of Georgetown, OntarioRowe, John Mark Benbow.1992971.3533 Row
The story of Oakville harbour : a historyBrimacombe, Philip, 1949-1975971.3533 Bri
The Story of Oro : incorporated 1851.1972971.317 Sto
The Streetsville cenotaph : a village memorial.1992940.465713535 Str
The Victoria history of the counties of England : a history of Wiltshire. volume 101975942.31 VIC
Through a century with Streetsville, 1859-1959.1959971.3535 Str
Toil, tears & triumph : a history of Kincardine Township1990971.321 Toi
Toronto street names : an illustrated guide to their originsGould, Allan, 1944-2000971.3541 Gou
Toronto townshipOVERSIZE 911.713535 Tor
Toronto township 1806.OVERSIZE 911.713535 Tor
Toronto township Credit Reserve.OVERSIZE 911.713535 Tor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada about the year 1867911.713541 Tor
Townships and counties in Southern Ontario ; also Manitoulin District, Muskoka District, Parry Sound District, Thunder Bay District.1980912.713 Tow
Townships and county seats of Ontario912.713 Town
Townships of the Province of Ontario, Canada : a complete index of the townships in all the counties and districts2007929.3713 Gar
Trafalgar township in 1817971.3533 Traf
Trafalgar Township, Halton County: Manuscripts [GMD] / compiled by Ross Wark.2008929.3713533 Tra
Vernon's Burlington and Hamilton suburban directory.1977917.135 Ver
West Garafraxa Township; Centennial historyHutchinson, Jean F971.342 Hut
York, Grand River : its early history and directory 1834-1860Quinsey, William John, 1923-1991971.33602 Qui
TitleAuthorPubl. DateCall Number
A beginner's guide to Salt Lake City library research sources.Rogers, Barbara, 1936-1983929.1072079225 Rog
A century of mutuality.Cowls, W. J.1970368.006571 Cow
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Trade talks
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Wills before 1858McLaughlin, Eve.1985929.1072041 McLa
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