St John’s Anglican – Stewarttown

St. John’s Anglican Cemetery

NW Lot 16, Concession 8, Esquesing Township.
11091 Trafalgar Road, Halton Hills (Stewarttown).
GPS 43.63°N, –79.924°W

History: In 1849 land was given by William Morrison for a church and burying ground on a hill overlooking the valley of the west branch of the Credit River. Although situated in the village, there was some disagreement among the congregation as to whether a church should be built in such a location. It was felt that perhaps the climb might be too much for the old people. The land was retained, however, and used as a cemetery.

The cemetery is now closed. Although the cemetery land was given in 1849 there are earlier monuments. Possibly these were buried first on a family farm or removed from McCullough’s Pioneer Cemetery when it closed in the late 1800s. There was also a cemetery in Stewarttown on the hill below Lawson’s mill used just for members of the ‘poor house’, which was located in the village and had no markers. This cemetery was mentioned in Gwen Clarke’s “Halton Pages of the Past” and also in local folklore. [by Elaine Robinson]

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