Campbellville Burial Ground

Campbellville Presbyterian Church & Burial Ground

SE Lot 6, Concession 3, Nassagaweya Township.
McLaren Road North, Campbellville.
GPS 43.48554°N, –79.982126°W

History: In 1831 John Campbell and his wife Lexy (Alexine Buchanan)left the Isle of Islay with 3 grown sons, one grown daughter and 3 small children and sailed for Canada. After a year in Montreal they purchased 100 acres of Lot 6 Concession 3 in Nassagaweya Township, Halton County.

At a meeting on 19 May 1853 at their home, John and Lexy Campbell donated , for the sum of one pound, land for a burying ground. It was south of the Campbellville pond and the railroad tracks. The plots were each to be 15 feet square and with a space of 40 feet by 36 feet to be reserved for a church. A road was also reserved from the bridge to the burying ground.

Although 1853 was the official opening date of the cemetery, several burials had already taken place there. The earliest recorded is that of Lexy, a daughter of John and Lexy Campbell, who died 9 March 1840 at the age of 8. Other children, grandchildren and neighbours of the Campbells were also buried there before the purchase. On 24 April 1854 John Campbell put his mark on the receipt for the purchase of the burying ground and the next day he was killed by lightning in his barn beside the pond. He was buried beside his family and friends on the land he had owned since 1832 in the town that bears his name.

In 1864 a meeting was held to consider building a church in Campbellville. The erection of a frame church began in May 1865 and it was opened on 7 November 1865. It was a branch of the Nassagaweya Presbyterian Church (Sodom) until 1869 when permission was granted to organize a separate congregation. An addition was built in 1884, but membership was increasing so rapidly that at a congregational meeting in 1890 it was decided to construct a new and larger church. Building the new church, St. David’s Church, at the north corner of the same lot was begun in April 1891. Services moved to the new church on 15 November 1891. In 1893 the old building was moved across the road where it is now a residence — 46 McLaren Road.

The iron fence around the cemetery was erected in 1949 by the widow and 3 former students of Thomas Blacklock, and in 1976 a cairn of fieldstones from the area was built at the gate with the cemetery name on it. [by Elaine Robinson]

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