Cove Chapel

Cove Chapel & Pioneer Cemetery

28th Sideroad, Nassagaweya Township, Halton.
South side of 28 Sideroad between 1st and 2nd Lines, Nassagaweya,
(immediately east of 2150 28 Sideroad)
GPS 43.558°N, –80.11953°W

History: The History of Eden Mills by Hazel Mack (1954) gives an extensive history of the Chapel which includes the following information.

In 1844 a meeting of the inhabitants of upper Nassagaweya was held to consider erecting a house of public worship. 3/8 acre on Lot 28, Concession 2, was set apart for a chapel 25 feet square and for a burying ground. Deed for the land was to be given by William Martin Sr. to the Trustees for the use of the Canadian Wesleyan Methodist New Connexion Church. The Chapel was in use as a place of worship by 6 October 1845.

The chapel stood on the left side of the property, facing the road, and was constructed of great cedar logs, smoothed on the interior (adze marks showing plainly), but left rough on the outside. It was closed in 1862 because the minister of the circuit had another appointment for Sabbath afternoons, when they insisted on having their service. The Chapel, long neglected, was moved to the nearby Thomas farm around 1900.

The cemetery’s earliest burial inscription is 4 January 1846, and the latest is for George Martin 1898 (but his family bible shows 2 February 1899). Apparently no burial records have survived. [by Miller Peart]

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