DeForest Pioneer

DeForest Cemetery

SE Lot 11, Concession 4, Nelson Township.
Northwest corner of Derry Road and Walker’s Line, Milton.
GPS 43.45738°N, –79.916664°W

History: Little seems to be known about this cemetery located on the northwest corner of Walker’s Line, and Derry Road at the top of the hill. Some of the stones are gone with only the bases remaining. The last transcripts were made during Jan Speers’ visit in 1983, W. Britnell’s recording of 1977 and from a listing done by the Burlington Historical Society. The following tidbits of information were discovered while attempting to find out some history. They are not proven at this time.

  • DeForest school house also held church services.
  • St. John’s Nassagaweya Anglican minister mentioned that this cemetery may have been used by early Anglicans. Others thought it was Methodist or just one started by necessity by the family with others from area buried there.
  • Elizabeth DeForest received land from the Crown. Sales of this property always show ‘excepting a small piece’, which is probably the cemetery.
  • The 1877 Historical Atlas shows this property owned by John DeForest but no cemetery is shown. However, a church and cemetery are shown on the west side of this same lot (at Guelph Line) which at that time was owned by John Turnbull. Note: this is St. George’s Church and Cemetery

The following was taken from the DeForest family history by the Burlington Historical Society:
Three DeForest brothers, who were Huguenots, came to New Amsterdam, N.Y., from France in 1600. Isaac DeForest was a Loyalist and was imprisoned with his son, Abraham. While escaping, Isaac was shot but Abraham escaped to Canada at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Abraham, born 1769, married Elizabeth in 1795. He was given 200 acres in Nelson and received an additional 100 acres later. His son, James, was given land at Lot 13, Conc 6, Nelson. Abraham Jr., of Nelson, also asked for 200 acres in 1832, receiving it February 28, 1833. John DeForest had a son, David, in 1877 by his second wife, Eliza. David’s son Norman, resided in Central Burlington. David’s sisters were Emma and Mary. One married a Hewson in Milton Heights. Today the cemetery is looked after by Milton which has no information or records. Widening of Derry Road is cutting into the hillside, and it is hoped it does not cause further destruction to this pioneer cemetery. Perhaps this cemetery should be considered for a cairn to safeguard the remaining stones. [by Trudy Mann]

Transcriptions of this cemetery are available on-line by credit card from the O.G.S. web site click here for price/order