Ebenezer United

Ebenezer United Church & Cemetery

NE Lot 22, Concession 3, Nassagaweya Township.
12274 Guelph Line, North of Brookville.
GPS 43.5508°N, –80.0744°W

History: The cemetery is located on land granted to William Trudgeon from Cornwall, England, in 1821. In 1823 ministers of the Genesee Conference Methodist Episcopal Church, travelling through the area, preached in Mr. Trudgeon’s house every two weeks. Trudgeon’s youngest daughter married Nicholas Winter but died soon after and was the first person to be buried here (about 1831).

In 1832 a chapel of cedar logs, hewn on the inside and rough on the outside, was built on the east corner of the cemetery. In 1834 Methodist New Connection Ministers came occasionally. In 1846 Mr. Trudgeon Jr. deeded 50 x 60 feet for one pound sterling for the new frame church of 30 x 45 feet, which was built in 1847. The Trustees were William Fletcher, Joseph Fletcher and Thomas Esterbrook. In 1870 the church became Wesleyan Methodist. An addition was built in 1879 which included a central entrance, two classrooms and a gallery.

In 1892 land was purchased from James Adamson for a church site and new sheds were erected. In 1915 the present brick building was built and the frame church was torn down. The siding from the original church is in the wainscotting of the present church, and the old pews became the window ledges. Seven cornerstones were laid commemorating the history and activity of the church. As there was no church for several months, the congregation met in a nearby house. In 1989, $200,000 was spent on an addition and renovations.

The church records were kept in the minister’s residence across the road, which was later destroyed by fire. In 1902, when Rev. E.L. Flagg was pastor, he gathered an historical outline from conversations with older members of the congregation. These notes were lost for years, but were finally discovered in Hamilton and were presented at the Church’s 133rd anniversary to the Archivist for the United Church. [by Miller Peart]

The cemetery plan is dated November 1873 and is still active.

Transcriptions of this cemetery are available on-line by credit card from the O.G.S. web site click here for price/order.