Glen Williams

Glen Williams Cemetery

S mid Lot 21, Concession 10, Esquesing Township.
15435 Prince Street, Georgetown (Glen Williams).
GPS 43.673°N, –79.922°W

History: Burials have taken place in this cemetery since 1833, but it was not officially conveyed to the village until shortly after the death of Benajob Williams in 1851, when his son Charles donated the land as a public burying ground. There is no evidence that burials ever took place at the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was built in the 1840s, therefore this cemetery is the resting place for most of the village families no matter what their religion. The cemetery is still open and is run by a cemetery board. The only records that were kept were of plot owners, and not the actual burials. The cemetery was expanded in 1905, 1919, and again in 1957.

Reference: “Down in the Glen” by Rev. Richard Ruggle.

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