Hillcrest – Norval

Hillcrest Cemetery

NE Lot 10 & SE Lot 11, Concession 11, Esquesing Township.
Winston Churchill Boulevard and Tenth Side Road, Georgetown (Norval).
GPS 43.643#176;N, –79.857°W

History: Norval, founded about 1820, was originally known as McNabsville after its settler James McNab. Although small in size, with inhabitants numbering only three to four hundred in the 1860s, it was home to several churches. The Disciples of Christ, Presbyterians, Wesleyan Methodists and Anglicans all had active congregations by 1850.

Hillcrest cemetery was originally a Presbyterian burial ground and the site of the first Presbyterian meeting house, which was a frame building situated at the north end of the property near the fence that currently separates the Anglican cemetery from that of Hillcrest. The frame church became too small and on 21 February 1879 a brick church, which is still in use today, was opened on the corner of Guelph and Draper Streets.

Although the first deed was never registered in the land records, a copy has been preserved and shows that on 18 October 1839 James Mitchell sold ¼ acre to Alexander McNab, James McNab, Duncan McGregor and John Miller, the Trustees of the Presbyterian Church. Additional cemetery land was purchased in 1862, 1889 and again in 1909.

Over the years Norval has had three cemeteries. The first, named the McNab cemetery, is on the crest of the hill on Lot 12 overlooking the village, and was probably closed sometime in the 1870s. The Anglican cemetery, near the north end of Hillcrest, appears to have been used from about 1840 to 1900. Hillcrest therefore became the cemetery for all denominations. A private cemetery was on Lot 8, Concession 11, which was the Stephens property, one of the founders of the Disciples of Christ. The Disciples meeting house was just across the road. At some point the Stephens monuments, plus some of the monuments from the McNab cemetery were moved to Hillcrest.

Hillcrest cemetery is still open for burials and is operated by a Board of Trustees. The original records have been lost, however there is a map of plot holders in the possession of the Trustees. [by Elaine Robinson]

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