Job’s Lane

Job’s Lane Cemetery

Brant’s Block, NW Lot 24, Concession 3 SDS (South of Dundas Street), Nelson Township.
Plains Road East, Burlington.
GPS 43.32538°N, –79.8288°W

History: This cemetery was started by a group of United Empire Loyalists in 1848. The original owner was Chief Joseph Brant. He sold the land to others and finally to Jacob Fisher in the mid-1800s. The land was then divided into equal burial plots for the following people: G.P. Gage, Andrew Gage, Asahel Gage, George Ghent, J.H. Fisher, Peter Fisher, Thomas Baxter, Gilbert Davis and William Davis. Each of these men owned one plot except for William Davis who owned two plots. The plots were sold for the sum of 2 pounds each. Each subscriber also paid part of the cost of the brick wall and gates which enclose the cemetery. The old gates, at one time the original entrance, are on the south side of the cemetery above a bank and high stone wall. Entrance to the cemetery is now through two iron gates on the west side, made necessary by the widening of Plains Road.

One interesting person buried in the cemetery is Bishop Alley. He was a Methodist Episcopal Bishop who, in the mid-1800s while making a tour of his charges, stopped at the Fisher farm where he took ill and died. He is buried in the Fisher Plot.

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