Lowville United

Lowville United Cemetery

SE Lot 6, Concession 3, Nelson Township.
Brittania Road, (Lowville) Burlington.
GPS 43.427°N, –79.9011°W

History: This cemetery is located on the north side of Britannia Road, just west of Guelph line. The first half acre of land for a cemetery, a part of Lot 6 Concession 3, was purchased from Gideon Buck in 1864. An acre was donated by Edwin Coulson in 1906, and another piece of land was acquired in 1955 from Howard Coulson. The last 0.652 acres was purchased from Mrs. Irma Coulson in 1972.

One of the first people buried here was a man named Jackson who died of a hip disease. The disease was rare and a group of students wanted the body for study. Friends decided against this and guarded the grave for weeks. Finally, they decided to fill the grave with boulders which would make it burglar-proof. The grave was deliberately left unmarked, but a small rose tree grew over it for a number of years.

The earliest burial register found to date is 1906 to present which is with the Lowville Church. Our transcriptions have not been checked against this register. Burials are still taking place in the cemetery. [by Jane Watt and Trudy Mann]

Transcriptions of this cemetery are available on-line by credit card from the O.G.S. web site click here for price/order.