Mansewood United Presbyterian

Mansewood United Presbyterian Church & Cemetery

SE Lot 6, Concession 3, Esquesing Township.
9020 Third Line, Milton.
GPS 43.55°N, –79.9114°W

History: The congregation for the Mansewood church was created by the first division of the Presbyterians that would eventually have four separate congregations in the Scottish Block of Esquesing. This church was built on Lot 6, Concession 3, in June 1836 and was known as the Antiburger Church and was connected with the Presbytery of Stamford after 1836. That year Rev. Coutts was ordained and became the first minister. Later it became connected with the Presbytery of Caledonia in New York State that was part of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, and in the late 1800s became known as the United Presbyterian Church.

In 1858 the trustees of the church were William Scott of Trafalgar, William Elliott of Nassagaweya, Hiram Anderson, Robert C. Shortreed and William Moore of Esquesing. A brick church was built in 1866 and a manse in 1872. Despite various Presbyterian unions, the United Presbyterian Church carried on until 1921. Anniversary services were held for several years until 1935, but the church fell into disuse and was finally torn down in 1951. In 1958 a cairn was made from the foundation stones of the church.
Some information about this church can be found at the Presbyterian Archives filed under “Boston Church”. [by Elaine Bertrand Robinson]

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