Bronte Pioneer Cemetery

(also known as ‘Milton Pioneer Cemetery’)
NW Lot 14, Concession 2, Trafalgar Township.
Bronte Street North, Milton.
GPS 43.5119°N, –79.8921°W

History: Jasper Martin, the founder of Milton, died in 1833 and his wife Sarah, in 1830. They were both buried in this cemetery. In the 1950s their headstones were moved to Milton’s Evergreen Cemetery along with many others. However, many other headstones were permitted to remain in this pioneer cemetery which is now closed.
This cemetery was also known as ‘Milton Pioneer Cemetery’.
Since this cemetery has signs naming it the ‘Bronte Pioneer Cemetery’ (which unfortunately causes confusion with the pioneer cemetery in Bronte Village), it has been renamed ‘Bronte Pioneer Cemetery’ in this website.

Transcriptions of this cemetery are available on-line by credit card from the O.G.S. web site click here for price/order.