Neilson Family Farm

Neilson Family Farm Cemetery

SE Lot 3, Concession 7, Esquesing Township.
Trafalgar Road & Hornby Road, Halton Hills (Hornby).
GPS 43.573124°N, –79.856486°W

History: John Atkinson of Lancashire, England, came to Canada in 1819 and settled on Lot 3, Concession 7 in Esquesing. He had married Isabella Skirrow in 1812. They had ten children, 8 girls and 2 boys. John died in 1843 aged 51 years. John Jr. operated the farm before selling it to his brother-in-law Thomas Howson who had married Isabella Atkinson. In 1877 the farm was sold to Robert S. Hall of Hornby. He sold it to Abraham Neilson in 1881. The current owner (2007) is Marshall Neilson. [by Betty Brownridge]

This cemetery contains 8 gravestones and these show that 10 persons have been buried here. ]

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