Salem United

Salem United Cemetery

SW Lot 1, Concession 5, Nelson Township.
Walker’s Line and Sideroad 2, Burlington.
GPS 43.4191°N, –79.86056°W

History: The land for a church and cemetery was given by the Bridgeman family. The Salem New Connexion Methodist Church, which was established in 1847, was the church most of the Zimmerman area residents attended. The Salem Church closed in 1890, with members moving to the new Zimmerman Methodist Church on Appleby Line, just south of Sideroad 2. However, the Salem church cemetery was still used by the new congregation. Salem was on the Nelson Circuit, Lowville Circuit, and in 1879 on the Zimmerman Circuit.

There are some burials still taking place in the cemetery. Lowville United Church has a death register from 1906 to the present that includes burials in this cemetery. [by Trudy Mann]

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