Snyder’s Methodist

Snyder’s Methodist Cemetery

SE corner West-half Lot 30, Concession 2E, Chinguacousy Township.
14493 Kennedy Rd, (north of Campbell’s Cross) Caledon.
GPS 43.796082°N, –79.873892°W

Location: In a field on a farm owned by the Tobin family, located just north of Campbell’s Cross. The cemetery cannot be seen from the road. Access is by permission of the farm owner via a trail from the house between the fields.
History: The farm, on which the cemetery is located was granted by the Crown in 1824 to Elizabeth Yokum who was probably a United Empire Loyalist. The grant consisted of 200 acres. The property was sold two years later to Philip Snyder Sr., who came from Pennsylvania.

The first burial, which took place in 1827, was Mary Magdalene, the spouse of Philip Snyder. The following year Philip Snyder died and was buried with his wife. The cemetery continued to be used for approximately the next forty years.

The Historical Atlas of Peel County shows the original farm on Lot 30 divided into two halves, with a single lane to both houses down the dividing line. The north half owned by William Snyder, and the south half owned by Daniel Snyder. The cemetery is shown at the south east corner of the west half concession of Daniel Snyder’s farm.

The cemetery, which is located on a knoll, later fell into disrepair and became overgrown with trees and underbrush. The Township gathered many of the gravestones into a cairn which is located near the entrance to the cemetery.

Perkins Bull, in his book entitled “Strachan to Owen”, describes the cemetery as follows: “In a picturesque, but sadly neglected spot, on the old Snyder property, near Campbell’s Cross, lie the remains of UE Loyalists such as the Snyders, Campbells, McCollums, Lighthearts. Old-timers like Daniel Clark who died in 1837, and Neil McGinnis, and such families as Amous, Beatty, Bonesteel, Calvert, Cleveland, Clunis, Crawford, Currie, Darrah, Heggiston, Lawn, McBride, McDougall, McLeod, Moore, Norris, Parker, Shanahan, Smith, Walker, and Whitfield. So historic a spot should not be allowed to go to rack and ruin, even if it is on private property.”

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