St Elias Ukrainian Catholic

St Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church & Cemetery

NW Lot 11, Concession 5W, Chinguacousy Township.
10193 Heritage Road, Brampton.
GPS 43.6613°N, –79.8435°W

History: The cemetery of St. Elias Church is located directly behind the Temple. The cemetery is open to all orthodox Christians (members of the Orthodox or the Catholic Churches). The parish community was started in 1976. However, the church was not constructed until 1995.

The church of St Elias the Prophet rises high on the Peel Plain above the Credit River Valley. A wooden structure of heavy douglas fir timbers sheathed in western red cedar. It has been constructed according to an architectural style known as “Boyko”, derived from western Ukraine. The 3 sections (altar, sanctuary, and narthex) are each topped with a dome or cupola. According to Byzantine liturgy, the dome is an image of the heavens. The cupolas on the church of St. Elias are in the 17th century Cossack style. It is one of only 2 Boyko churches that have 5 cupolas rather than the usual 3 (the other being St. George’s in Drohobych, Ukraine. Steeped in the Byzantine Ukrainian tradition of wooden architecture, St. Elias Church was designed on the principle that architectural form should follow liturgical function.

This wooden church burned to the ground in the early morning of 5 April 2014 due to a fire that started in the area of the altar. A similar wooden church in the Ukraine suffered the same fate in 2013.

Transcriptions of this cemetery are not available.