St John’s Anglican

St. John’s Anglican Church & Cemetery,

SW Lot 11, Concession 4, Nassagaweya Township, Halton.
10009 Guelph Line (at 10th Sideroad), Campbellville.
GPS 43.5065°N, –80.00854°W

History: This church was first organized in 1840 and land was purchased from George Curry in 1842, being 4 acres of the south-westerly quarter of Lot 11, Concession 4. The price paid was 7 pounds 10 shillings, “to be used by the Established Church of England for a church and burial grounds.” The first minister was Rev. George Graham.

In 1844 a small white frame building was erected, with the present stone building being built in 1870. A great windstorm tore through the area and almost completely destroyed the church on Good Friday, 21 March 1913. Services were held in the Orange Hall in Campbell until the church was rebuilt to its original condition. The area was administered by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto until 1975 when the Anglican Diocese of Niagara was established.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary in 1992, the church was given its own coat of arms that was designed by the Bishop of Niagara.

The cemetery sits behind the church along 10th Sideroad and was established about the same time. The oldest gravestones recorded are for 1849. No burial records are available prior to 1871. [by Joan Hooks]

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