St Matthew’s Anglican

St. Matthew’s Anglican Church & Cemetery

N Lots 5 & 6, Broken Front Concession, East Flamborough Township, Wentworth County.
126 Plains Road East, Burlington.
GPS 43.30969°N, –79.8483°W

History: Henry Wyatt acquired part of Lot 5 Broken Front Concession in East Flamborough in 1845, and he and his wife provided the northwest corner of this for a church. The first church was built in 1861 and opening services were held on 22 September 1861. In 1966 the original church was demolished and the new St. Matthew’s rebuilt the same year. The old stained glass windows were incorporated into the new structure. At that time their original shape with the Gothic arch was redesigned in Toronto to their current rectangular shape.

The land on which the cemetery is located is the northeast corner of a block of land given by Crown Grant to William Applegarth who came from Standorp, Durham County, England, in 1791. It is part of Lot 6, Broken Front Concession. Many early pioneers of the area are buried here — Fonger, Gallagher, Rasberry, Read,Wyatt. The first burial was of Jane Hill in 1866 but no marker attests to this.

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