Wellington Square Memorial Garden

Wellington Square Memorial Garden

SE Lot 19, Concession 3 SDS (South of Dundas Street), Nelson Township.
2121 Caroline Street, Burlington.
GPS 43.331°N, –79.79727°W

History: Some years ago some of the congregation from Trinity United Church, which was located on Elizabeth Street in Burlington, started a new church known as St Paul’s United Church on Prospect Street. Eventually both those churches were closed and the present church on Caroline Sreet was built and it opened in 1985.

The congregation was divided over the naming of the new church. Half of the congregation wanted it to be known as Trinity United Church after the former church, while the other half wanted it to be known as St Paul’s United Church after that former church. It was finally agreed, after some discussion, to name it Wellington Square United Church. This was an appropriate choice since Wellington Square was the original founding name for Burlington.

In 1982 it was decided to establish a burial site located in a rose garden on the west side of the sanctuary next to the building where the cremated ashes of the deceased could be interred. Its location is identified by a bronze plaque on the wall which states “Memorial Garden, Wellington Square United Church, Dedicated 1983”. A memorial wall was created in the Trinity Chapel of the church where the names of the deceased are recorded. The first burial of ashes took place in 1982.

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